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The Ultimate Adventure Award is a challenge for all children to complete during their years at South Molton Primary School. It is made up of the following three sections. Firstly the '100 Things to do Before You Leave South Molton Primary School', secondly the expectation that you will represent the school in sports or music 5 times and will complete working in the community. Lastly we have six creativity badges to earn.


We have developed a reward system for the Ultimate Adventure Award. Children will receive a special sticker in assembly when they complete all the things to do in their current year group. A Bronze Certificate is awarded when any 50 of the 100 things are complete.A Silver Certificate is awarded when any 75 of the 100 things are complete.A Gold Certificate is awarded when all of the 100 things are complete and all the badges have been awarded. The certificates will be presented in a special assembly.


Six skills for creativity

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