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School Uniform

We expect all children to follow the uniform set out in this document and believe that our uniform promotes a sense of pride in our school. It is very important that all children wear the school uniform each day and have a full PE kit on their PE day. It is vital that all items of clothing have name labels inside as things do get lost in school.


Details of School Uniform


The school colours are jade green, white and black/grey.

The uniform consists of:

  • Skirt or pinafore dress (knee length or just above knee) – Black/grey

  • Trousers/shorts (knee length or just above knee) – Black/grey

  • Dress (knee length or just above knee) – Black/grey or green/white gingham for summer dress

  • Shirt, polo shirt, blouse – White

  • Belts – Plain black or brown

  • Socks – Plain white/black/grey socks or white with green trim

  • Tights – Plain white/grey or black (sheer tights not permitted)

  • Shoes – Plain black shoes or black trainers (Children will complete a daily run so black trainers are advised or shoes that they can run in each day.)


If there is any reason why a child cannot wear our uniform or requires special dispensation (eg health or religious grounds) then please contact the headteacher in the first instance.  Second-hand items of uniform are often available and our PTA regularly hold sales of good quality second-hand items.  Please contact the school office if you would like to ask about second-hand uniform.

PE Kit

Children will be asked to wear their PE kit to school on the day of their main PE lesson, please see separate information from the class teacher for further information about their PE day.

The PE consists of:

  • Black shorts

  • White t-shirt

  • Trainers

  • Blue school PE hoodie – embroidered - or plain black jumper

  • A  bag for wet, muddy kit

  • An extra layer of clothing for cold weather, a tracksuit or similar - plain black


For swimming lessons that will take place periodically through their time at the school children will require a swimming costume (no two pieces please), and towel. KS2 Children will also require football boots, shin pads and mouth guards for relevant sports but this will be advised at the time.


Hair Cuts

Whilst we believe that haircuts are a matter for parents to decide the school will not permit haircuts which distract children from their learning, which support logos or that cause offence. The school reserves the right to ask parents to collect their child from school in such circumstances. The same applies to hair accessories. For PE and practical activities long hair should always be tied back.



  • Children with pierced ears may wear stud ear piercings only. These should be removed or taped by the child before PE lessons. All studs must be removed for swimming lessons to prevent injury to other pool users.

  • Children may wear watches, but must be responsible for them and remove them for PE and swimming lessons.

  • Bracelets, brooches and necklaces are not permitted for safety reasons.


Make up, transfer tattoos and artificial nails should not be worn at school. Pupils will be asked to remove the make up at school or sent home if this is not possible.


Lost Property

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name so it can be returned to its owner. If an unnamed item is lost please refer to the lost property box in the school office. The lost property box will be cleared of unnamed items, if they have been there for longer than two weeks. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Last Review: June 2023           Next Review: June 2024

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