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Miss Gallaway
Pinkery Class

Welcome to Pinkery Class!

Our day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.15pm

PE is every Thursday afternoon - please wear full PE kit to school.

Outdoor Learning is every Friday - (bring wellies!)

Please make sure book bags are bought into school each day.

A water proof coat and a drinks bottle (with water only) are also essential.


A little bit about me


1. My favourite Film is.... 

Shrek (the first one is the best!)


2. My favourite Author/Book is.... 

Crater Lake written Jennifer Killick


3. My favourite Music Playlist is... 

Any unsigned artists who play gigs and festivals. 


4. When I’m not at work you will find me... 

In a field, in my campervan with my springer spaniel, Rossi.


5. The place I would most like to visit in the world is...



6. My favourite food is...

Anything Mexican- love the spice! 


7. Three words I would use to describe myself... 

Organised, tidy and lively.

Paper making workshop

The year 6 children were luck to have participated in a paper making workshop where they learnt how to make pulp before using a frame to press their paper. A very messy yet very fun activity that put into context the efforts that are required in creating paper.

Bird Feeders

On No electricity day Pinkery wrote stories for Key Stage 1 children that were about animals in their habitats and we then made bird feeders using apples, lard and cereal! The children then got creative about hanging them around our vast nature friendly site. 


In science this term we have been exploring electricity by making series circuits and testing  variables to see the effect they had. We then finished off by attempting to make batteries out of potatoes!


This term Pinkery learnt to play Toot Tees, which are flute-like instruments. These were not easy to learn to play and Pinkery class showed resilience when learning with many starting on the easier mouth pieces and progressing on the more challenging ones. All children were successful in playing 'Hot cross buns' with many moving on to 'Mary had a Little Lamb'. A great achievement overall! 

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