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Miss Simpson
Fernworthy Class

Our day starts at 8. 40am and finishes at 3.15pm

PE is every Friday morning - please wear a full PE kit to school.

Outdoor Learning is every Wednesday morning (it is useful to bring wellies on this day in case it rains)

Please make sure book bags are bought into school each day.  A waterproof coat and a drink bottle (with water only) are also essential.  


A little bit about me


1. My favourite Film is.... 

Mary Poppins


2. My favourite Author/Book is.... 

Roald Dahl


3. My favourite Music Playlist is... 

Beach Chillout 


4. When I’m not at work you will find me... 

Exploring beaches and walking the beautiful coast paths with my dog.


5. The place I would most like to visit in the world is...

The Maldives


6. My favourite food is...



7. Three words I would use to describe myself... 

Creative, Enthusiastic, Kind 

Art Week: Printing


We began our initial discussions focussing on the questions : What is art and why do we learn about art? The children were able to recall some of the ideas from our painting week, referring to art as a way of expressing emotions and feelings, using our imagination, trying new ideas, and to help us in our jobs when we are older.  They were also able to recall artists we had previously learnt about including Kandinsky and Monet talking about the techniques they also used within their individual art.  The class have looked at the work of the printer William Morris and have enjoyed exploring printing with a range of resources and media both inside and outside the classroom.  



Our new literacy book is called ‘Bedtime for Monsters’ written by the author Ed Vere. We began our week by discovering some footprints in the class!  We had a guess who might have left them and why they were there and then drew pictures and wrote down our thoughts. After reading the beginning of our story we decided that the footprints might have been left by the monster character from our story. We looked at the illustrations within the books and the children were encouraged to 'describe' the character and what they could see. We then drew our own monsters to describe and the children were able to practise applying their learnt phonic knowledge independently.

Outdoor Learning and Literacy


The children were excited to discover a delivery had arrived in the classroom this week! Three cylindrical parcels! We opened them one at a time to discover three visitors- an owl, a squirrel and a snake! We had some questions to answer altogether and to find out why these visitors had arrived.  We discussed some new vocabulary to include - 'habitat' 'diet' and 'enemy.' Then we wrote down our ideas as a class and discovered that we might need to research and find out more to explore our new language further.   During our outdoor learning we found some rhyming clues that we had to listen carefully to and find the location of the next puzzle piece.  When we had collected them all we worked in groups to piece them together and they made a picture of the Gruffalo! What an exciting start to the Gruffalo story!

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