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Our Curriculum
'Excellence Through Outdoor Learning'




At South Molton Community Primary School we use a creative and knowledge based approach to learning. Using projects mapped to the Primary National Curriculum, we ensure that there is a comprehensive coverage of the national expectations. 


Our curriculum is delivered through Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) which provide a rich menu of exciting and engaging learning, that make creative links between all aspects of our children’s learning. Our linked curricular approach enables children to make connections between their learning and provides them with the knowledge to enrich their experiences across subjects.

We believe all children should have an intrinsic enthusiasm and desire to come into school each morning and that this is our role: to build an environment where all the school community feel safe, happy and inspired to come together in a shared love of their school, to build on successes and bask in the shared energy and joy that those bring. For the staff and pupils alike, we want to wake them up to what they have inside and instil a deep love of learning, ensuring they have an ambitious, immersive and holistic experience at school so that they can thrive in their futures.



Children use journals to record their work from a range of subjects including English, Humanities and Science. These journals allow the children to make valuable links between their learning, which enables knowledge and skills to be sequentially and coherently built up over time, alongside our ethos of application in outdoor learning environments. This acquisition of transferable knowledge means children can confidently transition between areas of the curriculum, continuously having opportunities to retrieve information with the aim of committing learning to long-term memory. To find out more about how different subjects are delivered, please visit the separate subject pages.

Curriculum Structure

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