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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Mr T Parkin - Headteacher
Picture 2 Miss P King - Deputy
Picture 3 Mrs D Alford
Picture 4 Miss A Tuach
Picture 5 Miss E Yeo
Picture 6 Miss R White
Picture 7 Mrs C Bailey
Picture 8 Mrs L Davey
Picture 9 Miss N Ford
Picture 10 Mrs C Pincombe
Picture 11 Miss A Boundy
Picture 12 Mrs P Hall
Picture 13 Mrs J Cording
Picture 14 Miss J Shinn
Picture 15 Mr J Attwood
Picture 16 Miss S Peddle
Picture 17 Mrs L Self
Picture 18 Mrs J Kingdon
Picture 19 Mrs K Webster
Picture 20 Mrs R Morgan
Picture 21 Mrs S Carter.
Picture 22 Mrs V Seatherton
Picture 23 Miss S Handford
Picture 24 Mrs E Brown
Picture 25 Miss S Gardner
Picture 26 Miss L Keevil
Picture 27 Mrs A Holland
Picture 28 Mrs M Woollacott
Picture 29 Miss L Scoins
Picture 30 Miss Z Oakley
Picture 31 Miss K Harris
Picture 32 Miss J Heal