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Visions and Values





Our school offers a secure, safe and stimulating learning environment that nurtures the development of our pupils as individuals, catering for their emotional, spiritual, social, physical and learning needs.


§ We aim for every child to achieve their potential and celebrate their achievements with pride.

§ We have high expectations of behaviour allowing us to maintain a happy school and a calm learning environment, where children learn to build positive relationships and behave responsibly.

§ We encourage children to be articulate and develop lively and enquiring minds enabling them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become effective and enthusiastic learners.

§ We foster confidence and independence in our children.

§ We encourage children to understand the feelings of others, to respect their differences, ideas and cultures and to consider thoughtfully their own attitudes, values and beliefs.


Our school is committed to offering the children a high standard of education, through a broad and balanced curriculum in line with statutory requirements.


§ We are an inclusive school and we plan programmes of study to suit children’s needs and stages of development.

§ We provide a varied and stimulating curriculum through an increasing amount of outdoor and physical learning activities for all of our children on a weekly basis. 

§ We employ a variety of teaching styles to maintain enjoyment and motivation whilst catering for the differing learning styles of our children.

§ We make full use of local environment, community links and resources to add value and interest to our learning.

§ We enable all children to be included in all curriculum areas through appropriate planning and support.


The success of our school relies on a team effort by the whole school community of staff, governors, children, parents, carers and friends. Everyone is valued for their commitment and involvement.


§ We encourage family involvement in all aspects of their child’s education.

§ We establish links with families to promote life-long learning.

§ We maintain close links with pre-school providers, creating a smooth transition between home and school.

§ We foster positive relationships with the Local Learning Community and other education faculties to achieve continuity of the children’s learning, personal and social development.


The work and ethos of our school reflects these aims.          

 Reviewed:  March 2017

Review Date: March 2018

Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.