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Our Healthy

We are getting involved with the ‘Change 4 Life’ programme, ‘Our Healthy Year’ to follow on from our focus on Healthy Lifestyle during PE and our continued aim to be a Healthy School. This involves families taking on a different challenge each month as a way to build healthy habits and for children to learn about healthy eating and importance of activity in their lives.


You will find a ‘Change for Life’ passport in your child’s reading record for you to write the activities you complete each month and date. Similar to the class competitions we have for reading the more challenges and activities you complete the more likely your child’s class is to win!


Thank you for helping your child and school as a whole eat well, move and live longer.

September 2017 Challenge - Fantastic Fruit

October 2017 Challenge - Daily Dance

November 2017 Challenge - Get Sporty

December 2017 Challenge - Healthy Heart

January 2018 Challenge - Playground Games

February 2018 Challenge - Wicked Walkers

March 2018 Challenge - Mad About Veg

April 2018 Challenge - Sugar Swap

May 2018 Challenge - Healthy Mind

June 2018 Challenge - A Healthy Week

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