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Sports Day

Sports Day – We have checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and it looks as though this very hot and humid weather will continue. We feel that the afternoon will get too hot for children to be racing in long and short distance races whilst being on the field for the whole time. With this in mind we have decided to swap the afternoon races with the family group activities. We will begin the day at 9.30am with some children showing us an example of Scottish dancing before moving to the field for the long and short races in each year group, this will be followed at the end of the morning by the throw finals for the Year 3 and 4 children that have made the final. The afternoon session will begin at 1.30pm with the family group’s activities, with lots of chance for rest stops and some indoor activities. Apologies for the change but we feel this is the best thing to ensure the children enjoy their day and don’t get too hot! Parent are of course encouraged to come to any session they can and we look forward to seeing you for a great day of sport.