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Here we will keep you updated with all the things that we have been up to, both in and out of class!

Wow! It has been such a busy half term we have barely stopped! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to over the first half of the Summer Term. 
It may have been Assessment week, but we have been having lots of fun in Science, experimenting with reversible and irreversible changes.

In Science this week we were given some "Alien Soup". Using our knowledge of properties of materials, we had to separate the ingredients. Some people used magnets, some sieves, some tried paper towels as filters and some have been left on the windowsill to evaporate the water. It was a real challenge to get all the materials into their individual substances and we had to really work as a team.

Art- focusing on drawing an eye in detail

It has been a busy week before half term with lots going on in Landacre class. We had our last session with the cricket coach and enjoyed using the skills we have learnt to play "5 Bats". We also made and tested our own water filters in Science/Outdoor Learning. 

Landacre Class Assembly - 2019

Uploaded by South Molton Community Primary School on 2019-02-07.

A busy week!

We have been busy this week with lots going on in and out of class. Many of our children took part in P.E. events on Friday and in class we have been investigating water quality in Science and beginning to learn to play the violin in Music.

Welcome back!

This week in Landacre class we have had a cricket coach in to visit us and been inventing gadgets for SpyFox from Lego to kick off our Inventions topic. 

Art and DT

This week has been busy in Landacre class! We have spent some of the week drawing pictures of a battlefield using charcoal and experimenting with different effects. We have also spent some time researching Zeppelins and begun making our own.

Non-Electricity day

We love reading!

During our time in Year 5, we have been lucky enough to have more reading books in our classroom (with more to come after Christmas) and now it is so quiet during reading time! 

Landacre Class - WWI Letters Home

As part of their Literacy work, Landacre Class have been writing letters home from the trenches. This has been part of our Remembrance topic this term and the video shows some of the fantastic topic work that has been completed throughout the school with audio of some members of Landacre Class reading their letters home.


What an amazing effort Landacre class made with their costumes! 

We had a fun-packed day, which started with writing very spooky stories and ended with lots of Art and Science fun. Please view our gallery to see what we have been up to!

Letters home from War

After our visit to the war memorial, and linked to our work in Literacy, we got into character as a soldier in war and wrote letters home to our loved ones. Mrs Gardner was so impressed by the emotion we put across and the improvement in the structure of our sentences. Here are just a few examples. 

Letters home from War

This week we walked to the WW1 memorial in South Molton to look at the names inscribed on it and see if we noticed anything. We also spent some time looking at and drawing the memorial itself, thinking about what it symbolises. 

War Memorial visit

Literacy Video

This is the video that is inspiring our work in literacy at the moment and we will be using over the next 3 or 4 weeks.