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Mrs Gardner Landacre Class


Hi Landacre Class

Well done for completing the first week of home schooling for many of you! I am so impressed by the number of you logging in to google classroom and completing work daily- you are doing a brilliant job and it is a great way to keep your skills going. If you ever want to do more work than I set, remember if you look on the home learning section of the school website, there are links to lots of different activities for each subject (especially some good ones for Art and PE).

Remember it is now the holidays, so try to enjoy the break and do some of the things that you maybe don't normally have time for- cooking, reading, playing board games and maybe even sorting out your bedroom! 

I will be phoning you the week after the holidays to check that everything is ok and that you are managing to do some schoolwork but until then, keep in touch with each other using google classroom and keep smiling :) 

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This week has been all about gathering animal ideas for our art work and learning about refraction in science

This week we have been planning and running our own experiments into shadows and having a go at writing Kennings

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Another jam packed week! A visit from some animals at Exmoor Zoo and gathering ideas in our sketchbooks for our next piece of art work.

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Science- this week we have been investigating how shadows change in size.

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Making blind spot testers in science

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In science this week we have been building our own mirror mazes, trying to reflect the light off mirrors to hit a target. Som groups managed to bounce the light off of 8 different mirrors! 
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Welcome back

We have been straight back into learning, discussing our new text “A wizard of Earthsea” and freezeframing key moments as well as experimenting with rays of light in science.

It’s Christmas! We have had a lovely week, finishing off our Maths and literacy units as well as making Christmas cards and enjoying Christmas film and pj party. 


I am not setting revision book homework over the holidays as I am hoping all the children can have a restful break and enjoy some family time. However, just to keep them ticking over it would be good to do a little bit on TTRockstars, Mathsframe or ks2 Bitesize and please encourage them to keep reading! Our next topic is Attenborough so if you can find time to watch one of his many documentaries that would be great too. 

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Mrs Gardner and Mrs Davey

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Please have a look at our rooms of wonder, based our class read “The Nowhere Emporium”.

How amazing is Xabella’s ability to follow coordinate instructions in order to create this picture?

How amazing is Xabella’s ability to follow coordinate instructions in order to create this picture? 1


Homework- As the children have worked so hard all week, I have not set them homework from their revision books. Instead I would like them to relax and READ as reading is the paper we are currently finding the hardest (and also because there is nothing like curling up and reading a good book when the weather is miserable!)

After working hard all week on our SATs practice papers, we enjoyed an afternoon making potions linked to our literacy text Harry Potter: A Journey through magic. 
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This week we had a very exciting visit from a policeman and his police dogs! 

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Stone Age Tool Making

Homework 15.11.19

Homework 15.11.19 1
This week in Science we have been looking at variation and inheritance. We talked about the characteristics we inherit from our parents and had fun “breeding” Mr Men and Little Miss characters to help us to understand the idea of genetics.
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This week we have been freeze framing moments from our key text in Literacy, reading our new books and pretending to be “Darwin’s finches” in Science. 
Homework 1.11.19
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What a week! We have been so busy and had so much fun! Look through our gallery to see us making Stone Age natural paints, painting our “caves”, dressed in our Halloween costumes and making our own shadow theatres. 



Maths pages 8&9 Order of operations 

Grammar pages 6&7 Verbs and adverbs 

(Stretch grammar pages 12 &13 Modal verbs)


The tablets have arrived! Our samba skills are developing too 😊



Maths- pages 10 and 11 Factors and Multiples

Grammar- pages 80 and 81 Suffixes ‘able’ and ‘ible’

(Stretch grammar books 82 and 83 same title) 


This week we have been working really hard on our non-fiction texts. We have edited them with a partner, presented them in interesting ways and then shared them with Miss Shinn’s class.


Homework 4.10.19

Maths pages 24 and 25 (times tables)

Grammar pages 42 and 43 (commas)

(Stretch Grammar book is pages 56 and 57 also linked to commas)


This week we pretended to be predators of the peppered moth in Science! We had to grab as many “moths” as we could with our “beaks” in a minute. We found generally that it was easier to prey on those “moths” who did not blend into their background although we are also not sure that all our results are reliable for a number of reasons so will be continuing with this next week.

26.9.19 Homework

Maths pages 12 & 13 Addition

Grammar pages 50 & 51 Single dashes and hyphens

(Stretch grammar pages 78 & 79 Prefixes that require a hyphen)


This week in class we have been studying volcanoes and their impact on our planet. This led us to look at this song in whole class reading and analyse the lyrics. Have you ever thought about what the song is really about?

Homework 20.9.19

Maths pages 6&7 

Grammar 15 and 36 (stretch grammar books pages 66 and 67) 


This week we have been thinking about how long ago our Earth was created relative to the dinosaur era and the evolution of humans- it is so hard to imagine! We used a roll of toilet paper and each sheet was worth 12.5 million years! 

Samba rhythms of our own

Still image for this video

Samba rhythms of our own

Still image for this video

Samba rhythms of our own

Still image for this video

Homework 13.9.19

Maths book- pages 4 and 5 place value

Grammar book- pages 4 and 5 nouns and adjectives

(Those with the stretch grammar book also need to complete pages 4 and 5)

It has been a busy first full week back for Landacre class! From learning some Samba rhythms to producing our own double page spreads on what we already know about The Big Bang and evolution, we have had lots of fun!