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Pinkery Centre Residential - Year 4 - 2019

Check out photos and videos from the Year 4 residential trip to Pinkery Centre for Outdoor Learning!

Converting analogue and digital times outside ⏰ πŸ•£

Check out this chalk world map - ready to name continents and countries from around the world!

Where do you think this explorer has been?!

β€˜Howzat?!’ - check out some action photos of the first cricket session of the term 🏏

Barle Class - Extreme Reading 2019

Check out the 2019 version of the Barle Class extreme reading challenge!

How many pencils can you pierce through a bag of water? Without it leaking! πŸ’¦ ✏️

Barle Class - Roman Numerals

Check out some of the real-life Roman numerals that Barle Class found out and about! Can you convert any?

Barle Class - Disclosing Tablets Investigation

In Barle Class, we completed an investigation using disclosing tablets - to see whether the amount of time we brush our teeth affects the plaque on our teeth! Check out the results after the disclosing tablets were taken...

After setting up our bird watch area, we completed the RSPB bird watch and sent off our results!

Vikings Family Groups Session - who's got the tallest paper tower?

Planet Birds - The Great Tit - Barle Class Bird Box Camera (Planet Earth II Inspired)

Year 3/4 dance festival at SMCC

How many triangles can you count?!

Barle Class having snow much fun...

Barle Class Recreate The Digestive System

Barle Class - Bird-box Camera

In Barle Class, we have a bird-box camera outside our classroom. Last night, we had our first visitor!

Can you work out our types of teeth? Incisors, canines, molars or wisdom teeth?

Recreating the digestive system during outdoor adventure time!

Thank you to Roger McGough for 'liking', via Twitter, our Literacy work based on his book 'Until I Met Dudley...'

Happy Christmas from Barle Class!

Thank you to Eastleigh Care Home for our Christmas sing-a-long!

Creating 'snowmen' during Outdoor Learning!

Barle Class - 9x Table Finger Trick

In Barle Class, we have been learning our 9x table - we created a video to help people out - using the 9x table finger trick!

Officially posted off our letters to Santa πŸŽ…πŸΌ - hoping for a reply before Christmas Day 🀞🏼

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in Barle Class πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…πŸΌ

Barle Class - Children in Need 2018

Our visit to the WWI exhibition at the South Molton assembly rooms - 100 Years - We Will Remember Them

Thank you to Space Odyssey for our solar system experience inside the planetarium!

Halloween 2018 - One Word Story

For halloween, we played the one word story game to create our own Halloween story! Watch below for an example that we ended up recording...

WWI - The Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungry and Italy) vs The Triple Entete (Great Britain, Russia and France) aka Outdoor Adventure Time - Barle Class Girls vs Barle Class Boys

Barle Class Homework - How to do The Floss

As a homework, Barle Class wrote instructions on how to do the floss. We then recorded some of our instructions using 'clips'! Happy flossing!

Thank you to June, who came in to deliver an elephant beads workshop - from the Kids Tusk Force UK. In the future, we will be hoping to sell our elephant beads to raise enough money to adopt an orphaned elephant!

Barle Class taking part in a Poppy Poetry workshop - based on remembrance, WWI and the Battle of the Somme!

South Molton - Tour of Britain 2018 - Barle Class Commentary

Still image for this video
Have a listen to Barle Class' commentary on the South Molton stage of the Tour of Britain 2018!

Barle Class having a 'wheelie' good time with @MattiHemmings during his BMX workshop!

Check out the photos from when Barle Class went bird watching - can you spot the bird inside the recycled bird feeder?