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Miss Shinn Farley Class

                 Welcome to Farley class!

Key information:

Outdoor Learning is every Tuesday - please bring in old clothes, a coat and wellies.

PE is every Tuesday and Friday

Home Learning - homework is sent home on Fridays, is written on our learning summary and included on our class page. Please return by the following Wednesday (Thursday at the latest). 

Thank you!

September Arrangements

Farley Class key points:

Our day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.05pm.

Please do not arrive too early to avoid congestion.

Drop off and collection: outside the hall.

Children to only bring in their book bag, a bottle of water and lunch.

On Tuesdays, please send in children wearing school PE kit.

Art week! 

Colour mixing

We have been exploring and making secondary and tertiary colours using the three primary colours! We have also completed lots of fun colouring mixing challenges and exploring tint and shade. 

Exploring the artist Alma Woosey Thomas!

We have been researching and exploring the American artist Alma Woosey Thomas. We discovered that she primarily used primary colours within her art work and that she was inspired by nature. We explored how her paintings look like mosaics! We used all the knowledge we gained to design and paint our own painting inspired by this incredible artist!

Healthy eating week- we made DELICIOUS spice apple cupcakes 🍏🍎

Our ‘Eat well Rainbows’ 🌈

7.06.21~ We went on a flight to New York! We boarded at Gate 4 with our boarding passes and got greeted on the plane by an air hostess! We even got refreshments on the flight before landing in New York City 🗽

In forest school we had SO much fun building dens!

We made The most AMAZING sculptures of Greek gods, goddesses and mortals! We were really hard as groups to make them using papier-mâché and we are SO proud of our creations 😁

Equivalent fractions!

We have been exploring Greek Gods/Goddesses facial features in preparation for our sculptures!

Making equivalent fractions walls!

30.04.21: We have been learning the Greek alphabet! We have spelt our names using the Ancient Greek alphabet and wrote ‘secret messages’ to our friends and they had to work out what our messages said! Every day Miss Shinn is now writing a ‘Crack the code’ in Ancient Greek on the board for us to solve!

27.04.21: We have been learning all about the Minotaur this week! We re-created Daedalus’s labyrinth that he used to capture the Minotaur!

Ultimate adventure award: Making stick trails!

In forest school, we planted radish, peas and courgettes! Yummy!

Observational drawings: We have been learning the skill of continual line drawing to sketch shells and REAL fish!

In forest school we completed a STEM activity. Can we use natural resources and a metre of string to make a floating boat?! Check out our AMAZING creations!

Farley class- Santa Claus is coming to town- 2020

Christmas art!

No electricity day! We spent the day discussing non-renewable and renewable energy, our carbon footprint and how we can approve it AND planted a cherry tree!

We designed and made digestive system t-shirts!

We got into the Christmas spirit and put up our class Christmas tree! ☃️🎄

We explored the process of digesting food in outdoor learning 😁

Odd socks for Anti-bullying week 🧦

Today we SAW the importance of brushing our teeth!

Performing the poem ‘Louder than a clap of thunder’

Still image for this video

We made abstract poppy art linked to Remembrance Day

'Mini teachers'- Solving column subtraction (exchanging)- Farley class

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Exploring whether different foods are healthy or unhealthy by looking at packaging!

Noun, verb and adjective song!

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Treasure Ahoy! We played a pirate game to revise our understanding of addition and subtraction!

Farley Class- Stone Age Monuments

Steel drums!

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Farley class- Stone Age cooking show (Tribal tales)

As part of our English unit we have been exploring the text 'UG- Boy Genius of the Stone Age' by Raymond Briggs. In the story, Ug is fed up of eating 'disgus...

We designed, made and evaluated a Stone Age tools for our D&T project!