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Welcome to Holdstone Class


Key information:

Outdoor Learning is every Monday - please bring in old clothes, a coat and wellies.

PE is every Wednesday and Friday - please bring full PE kit with trainers/plimsolls.

Home Learning - homework is sent home on Fridays, is written on our learning summary and included on our class page. Please return by the following Wednesday (Thursday at the latest). 

Thank you!



September Arrangements

All parents have been sent information in relation to September which is also attached below.

Holdstone Class key points:

Our day starts at 9am and finishes at 3.15pm

Please do not arrive too early to avoid congestion

Drop off and collection: outside Holdstone class

Children to bring in minimal bags/equipment please.

On Wednesdays, please send in children wearing school PE kit.


Outdoor Learning Trip 


We had a great day at the Reck. We learnt lots of forest school skills such as making elder beads, making our own butter and bread, making hammocks, shelters and tippy-taps. It was great fun!

Camping Trip to Putsborough 

We had a fantastic two days in Putsborough. The children enjoyed going to the beach and campsite activities. They were fantastic throughout the whole trip :) 


Race for life

Today we did our race for life run around the school site (6 laps!). The children had lots of fun raising money for charity and some children chose to challenge themselves and run further than the required mile!  

Healthy Eating Week 

Gods and Mortals Art Sculpture Project


This week, we have had lots of fun exploring god, goddess and monsters portraits and creating our own 3D sculptures using Mod-Roc.

Amazing Greek Homework

Exploring Shadows 


The children enjoyed using a range of materials and torches to explore light and shadows.
They then used this knowledge to create their own shadow puppet shows. It was lots of fun. 

D&T Time Keepers Project 


This week, the children worked collaboratively to design, make and test their own time keepers linking to ancient Greece. 

Ancient Greek Olympics 


We have had lots of fun practising for our Olympic Games this week. We even designed our own advertising posters for the event!

Spartans v Athenians 


This week, the children enjoyed working in groups with Miss Gallaway to plan and carry out a debate about their civilisation. The children learnt about the Greeks who lived in Spartan and Athens. They really enjoyed the collaboration!

Icarus’s Wings

In topic this week, we have explored the story of Icarus and completed an experiment to test which materials would be better for his wings. We tested which materials would be flammable and non-flammable. 

Outdoor Learning 

On Monday, we enjoyed trying to make our own charcoal on the fire and making our own fires. 

Exploring Anthologies in English 


The class had lots of fun with Miss Gallaway, learning all about anthologies and poems about gods and goddesses. They completed a gallery walk and then had fantastic discussions about the different stories and poems.

Gods and Mortals 

This week has been a fantastic week back. The children have been excited to learn about our topic. They created fantastic Zeus inspired front covers and researched all about Zeus and Hera.

Observational Drawing


This week we have been completing a really fun art project. We learnt all about continuous line drawing and drew objects, then fish. We looked closely at the colours and patterns of the fish and practised with pen, pencil, charcoal and watercolours. 

Science Week 

We have had a fantastic first week back! The children loved the virtual science lessons and building their own rocket cars! 

Learning Summary -18.12.20

Christmas home learning -

please practise your 6,7,8 & 9 times tables 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Wreath Making 

Non-electricity Day


On Thursday, we had our termly non-electricity day. The children loved the day as they learnt all about electricity, learnt about carbon footprints and created their own footprint pledges. We also learnt about Greta Thunberg and planted a fruit tree in the afternoon. 

Learning Summary 11.12.20

Our Skeletons 


Buzzing Bee Homework!

Home Learning - 4.12.20

Learning Summary 4.12.20

Outdoor Learning 


In outdoor learning this week, Miss Gallaway brought in lots of tools to help us create our own Christmas reindeer. We used a saw, a saw horse to hold the wood and a hand drill to create the parts of the reindeer. It was super fun and the children really enjoyed it!

Digestive System T-Shirts!

High Five Netball

Performance Poetry

Holdstone Class performing: Spaghetti by Frank Flynn

Outdoor Learning 


The children continued their learning about our digestive systems in outdoor learning today. They explored a variety of animal’s digestive systems and compared them to our own. We even learnt about different faeces which the children found very amusing.

Odd Sock Day for Anti-bullying Week 

Home Learning Project 20.11.20 - 3.12.20

Steel Pans

Brushing our Teeth!

Today, we’ve have been learning about the importance of brushing our teeth. We practised brushing and then used disclosing tablets to see if we missed any parts after brushing.



Outdoor Learning


On Monday in outdoor learning, Miss Gallaway helped us learn about knots and how to tie different types. We also learnt more about different types of birds.  

Performance Poetry

Children in Need



This week, we have been exploring poetry and learning how to created our own stanzas inspired by our senses. The children practised writing, edited and presented their brilliant poems.





Today, we have really enjoyed exploring oil pastels. We experimented with patterns and colours and shared our likes and dislikes. We then looked really closely at poppies and started to try to represent the texture and patterns within the images. Next, we are going to create our own poppy images.

Outdoor Learning


Today in outdoor learning, we had a great afternoon in the pond area. We made bird feeders from pine cones, lard and birdseed and also created a class bug hotel. We used different tools to create holes and found lots of great things which we thought the bugs would love to live in.



Today, we have enjoyed choosing the planting garlic in our planter. Fingers crossed it will grow well over winter. We’ll be checking on it and hopefully planting more things in the Spring!

Home Learning 6.11.20

Tooth Science Experiments


This week, we have been learning about teeth. In this science experiment, the children investigated the affects of different liquids on eggshells (our teeth). Over time, the children will observe the eggshells to find out what will happen.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


To start our brilliant new topic, the children created their own doodle inspired front covers with drawings of the five senses! These will be used as our journal front covers. 

Holdstone Class Monument Making!

Monument Making!


This week, the children enjoyed planning and creating their own monuments. They worked as a team and also created their own information guides about their monuments.

Holdstone Class - Kindness!

Learning Summary - 16.10.20

Hill Forts!

Today, we have been learning all about Stone Age hill forts. We first researched on Chrome books, then created information posters all about what we found out! 

Den Building


In outdoor learning, Miss Gallaway showed us some fun games to play. We also created our own dens. We developed our knot skills, creativity, solved problems and enjoyed collaborating. 

Stone Age Tools!


We have had a fantastic week making Stone Age tools! First we explored different rocks, then designed our tool, collected resources and worked together to make our own tools! It was so much fun to test if they worked!


Click the link below:

Learning Summary 2.10.20

Home Learning 2.10.20

Holdstone Class Stone Age Cooking Show

We created our own cooking shows themed around our Stone Age topic. Enjoy watching! Music: Shoreline by Rook1e Music: Walk by @iksonmusic

Home learning 25.9.20

Tribal Tales Afternoon!


To start our amazing topic learning, the children enjoyed our first outdoor learning. We lit the fire and shared Stone Age stories. The children also took it in turns in small groups to light their own fires using fire strikers. 😁

Google Classroom and Internet Safety!


This week, the children have been introduced to Google Classroom. We will be using this tool in class and possibly use this for future homework. When accessing Google Classroom at home, it’s important to ask parents permission. We have talked about being safe online and I hope this can be reinforced at home. 


We have also attached a step by step guide to log onto our class Google classroom!

Optional Summer Project


Next term, we are learning all about prehistoric history (Stone Age to Bronze Age). We would love you to research and find out information about this period in history. Consider:


  • What was life like during this time?
  • How did they build their homes?
  • How did they gather food?
  • What did they wear?
  • What were the communities like?
  • How was life different to now?


It would be fantastic if you could present your research to share with your class in September (present however you like).

Have a fantastic summer, we cannot wait to see you in September smiley