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Welcome to Holdstone Class


Key information:

Outdoor Learning is every Monday - please bring in old clothes, a coat and wellies.

PE is every Wednesday and Friday - please bring full PE kit with trainers/plimsolls.

Home Learning - homework is sent home on Fridays, is written on our learning summary and included on our class page. Please return by the following Wednesday (Thursday at the latest). 

Thank you!


Homework 24.01.2020


It will be Australia Day on Monday and we will be learning lots about Australia, native animals and the effects of the wild fires. For homework this week, please can the children research thing about Australia or about an Australian animal of their choice. Please see homework books. 




In music this half term, we have been learning African drumming. It has been super fun to learn different beats!


MoneySense Workshop!


The year 4 children enjoyed the MoneySense workshop this week. They learnt about the value of money and how it’s used. During the session, the children worked in groups to run their own smoothie business and budget their money to buy what they needed and sells their smoothies to make a profit.



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Happy Christmas from Holdstone Classs!

Happy Christmas from Holdstone Classs! 1


Homework 20.11.19


Our next topic is called Attenborough! For homework over the holidays, please can the children research an animal of their choice and it’s habitat. Please see homework books for more details.


Happy Christmas!


Stone Age Cooking!


In outdoor learning this week, we continued our learning about Stone Age life. We cooked a fruit stew on the outside fire which included, pears, blackberries, water and honey. Lots of us tried it; some children thought it was super yummy and others didn’t agree but enjoyed trying it! Take a look at some of the photos of our cooking!




Today, the children created their own prints using some of the techniques we have practised in previous lessons! They were inspired by the patterns found in nature.

Take a look at some of the colourful designs we have made!


Homework 6.12.19


This week, we have been looking at book reviews and exploring different books we have enjoyed reading. For homework, please can the children write a book review for a book of their choice.


Science Spaghetti Challenge 


The children had a fantastic afternoon, working in groups to create a suspension bridge using only spaghetti, marshmallows and sticky tape. 



Homework 29.11.19


For homework this week, please can the children create your own cave painting / drawing based on The Stone Age. Please see homework books for more details!



This half term, we have been exploring pattern in nature. We have made rubbings, sketched and explored different types of pastels to help us show texture in different ways. Next, we will be creating printing tools and making our own tile prints. 

Thank you to all the children who baked cakes and for their kind donations! We raise £75.48 from our amazing bake sale! We also all loved the Children in Need sport circuit!

BBC Children in Need Baking!


Today, we worked together in groups to bake some yummy cakes and biscuits for our class bake sale!

All the money we raise will be donated to BBC Children in Need!

Thank you to all the children who made and/or baked things at home 😁



Remembrance Day!


Running up to Remembrance Day, we have been exploring the book ‘Song for Will’ by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. In the text, a children writes letters to his friend Fred who was fighting in the war. We learnt about life for the solider and life for the children who were at home. We created our own fantastic letters and poppy information pages. 

In outdoor learning, we also created our own poppies and some tried sewing a poppy, which is one of our 100 things to do before leaving primary school!


Homework 8.11.19


For homework this week, please can the children create a BBC Children in Need poster for our class bake sale which will be on Friday 15th November at 3.15pm outside Holdstone class.



This half term for P.E, we are learning to play Badminton. We are having lots of fun learning all the new skills.


Homework 1.11.19


For homework this week, please can everyone practise their times tables. This can be completed in homework books or on TTRockstars. Please see homework books.


Thank you! 

Half-term Homework


As part of our science learning, we will be learning more about animals and their habitats. For homework, please design or make a bug hotel. 


We will then use some of these in outdoor learning to help us study some of our local wildlife.


An extra optional homework has gone home about a photography competition if children would also like to complete this. See homework books for more details.


Have a great half-term! 

Planet Making


As part of D&T, we are working in groups to create Papier-mâché planets. We have worked super hard to plan, design and start to make our planets. We have thought carefully about the equipment needed and how we can work together effectively.

Mental Health Awareness Day!

Outdoor Learning!

In outdoor learning this week, we have continued our science learning by making a model of a water cycle,

We worked in groups to make them and then wrote instructions.

Homework 4.10.19


 This week, please can the children create a descriptive paragraph all about an autumnal image.

Please see homework books for more details.

Have a great weekend!




To celebrate the importance of harvest, the children created art work inspired by the

artist Van Gogh and his painting ‘The Harvest’.

Some children from each class also shared what they did in a special assembly. 



In literacy this week, we have been learning about parts of a sentence.

We worked together to build sentences. Some were very funny! 

Outdoor Learning!


Today, we watched an exciting video, imagining what a dinosaur would of been like if it entered our school grounds. We watched it eat from our forest school trees!

Next, we worked in groups outside, to help us find out more about this dinosaur. 

After that, we presented our findings in groups to the rest of the class.


We also started to share our dinosaur research homework which we will continue to do this week! 

Homework 20.9.19


For homework this week, please could the children research a dinosaur of their choice. They can present the information they find out how they wish! 

Happy researching!

Bike Week!


At the start of Bike Week, we all enjoyed practising our cycling and scooter skills on the playground.

We also worked together in groups to label the parts of a bike and discuss the important things to remember to look after!

We learnt about the history of bikes and how they have changed and created bike safety posters!

On Friday, we really enjoyed the bike races and in the afternoon, we learnt about first aid and how to help someone if they are hurt!

What a fantastic bike week we have had! 


Homework 13.9.19


For homework this week, please could the children practise their times tables or number booklet challenges. Please see homework books. 



Thank you!

Homework 6.9.19


For our first homework this year, please could the children practise their times tables on TTRockstar. Each log in is located in the back of the children’s reading records. If children can not access this at home, there are opportunities to do this at lunchtimes in school. 


Thank you!

Start of the year self portraits!