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Miss King Mole Class


Welcome to Mole Class webpage. Please visit each week to see photos of our learning, useful messages and homework. Remember homework and spellings are given every week on the learning summary, which goes home on a Friday. Homework is handed in on a Wednesday and spellings are tested on a Friday. PE days are Wednesday/Thursday and Outdoor Learning is Friday afternoons. Our topic for the autumn term is 'The Big Bang', spring is 'Attenborough' and summer is 'The Olympics'. 


If you have any questions then please come and ask! Thanks, Miss King.

School Closures Week 1 


Hello everyone! Half way through week one of home learning- I hope that you are all being well behaved for your parents and making sure you do at least a small amount of school work every day! The Easter holidays are still a holiday so enjoy yourselves and keep the reading  and writing up! I will be ringing you all after the Easter holidays to find out how you are getting on - be good and keep working hard! 


The Parents home learning page on the website has hundreds of resources on to help your child learn at home. We really don't want you to get stressed out about home learning these are difficult times and being stuck inside with your family for several weeks can be hard enough without arguing about school work. My suggestion- make a daily timetable- keep to short activities and keep it fun. I've put a suggested daily timetable below however do whatever works for you! I will re-post on here every week and if you are having any urgent problems then email school, or I will be ringing every home after the Easter holidays and we can chat then.


9am- Join Joe Wicks for his daily work out or Try out some of the PE activities on the website or use GoNoodle to get active. 

9.30 -Pobble writing -Look at the daily picture - write a story or information about the picture.  

10 am- Join the maths party at 10 am each day watch the video and answer the questions. 

Snack and free choice time

11- Listen to David Walliams elevenses story for 20 mins on The World of David Walliams

11.30- 1:1 reading time with a parent - ask lots of questions or use an online text with questions such as practise sats papers or 

The Reading Realm - or twinkl which has reading comprehension packs. 


1.-Go out if safe for your family and have a walk or jog or bike ride- taking all precautions to avoid others. 

1.30- Household chores/ cleaning/cooking/gardening /washing.2-Research and Topic= Choose an interesting topic and start a research project- i.,e. a country or animal or author or famous person, think about how to present your work- booklet, leaflet- powerpoint. Children all have googleclassroom accounts they can use the google s

lides application to create slideshows(will need support with this) - or just pen and paper is fine! 

3 - Arts and Crafts time- Miss Peddle has added some art activities onto the home learning page


Obviously you will want to change the things you do each day but having a structure to your day could help- people are advising to try and get dressed each day and keep active! 

For the children of key workers still in school we are following a similar timetable here. 

Keep safe and well, take care and I'll be in touch after the holidays. Miss King. 





HOMEWORK 13.3.20 - Due in on Wednesday 18th March. Time worksheets. Year 1 and 2 have different sheets so if you find it too easy or hard then please try the alternative sheet . Learning how to tell the time takes continuous practise so please keep going with this at home!

HOMEWORK 6.3.20  - Due in on Wednesday 11th March. Complete the sheet provided. What day to day problems do you have that an invention could fix? See ideas sheet for inspiration!

World book Day- We had lots of fun dressing up and finding out why our school was full of lilypads. This was to link with the story we were learning about called 'Tuesday'.

We have been learning about the rainforest and plants. We have started a rainforest art project and have been learning about the different parts of plants

HOMEWORK 28.2.20  - Due in on Wednesday 4th March. Draw a picture of a rainforest and think of some adjectives you can use to describe it. Year 2s can try to use these words in a sentence, i.e. The rainforest has giant, green trees. In the rainforest there are lots of colourful, loud birds.

This week we have been learning to tell the time, dancing with Mrs Wilson, writing letters and making plastic jellyfish!

HOMEWORK 14.2.20  - Due in on Wednesday 26th February. As a class we are going to be trying to fill our bucket with acts of kindness. Over the holiday can you try to carry out at least 5 acts of kindness and write about them ready to share with the class. If you are stuck for ideas then have a look online as lots of children in other schools will be doing the same.  

HOMEWORK 7.2.20  - Bring some clean plastic bottles and packaging in that we can use to recycle into jellyfish!  We are also starting to learn about time so could you start practising, o’clock, half past, quarter past and to times with your child. You do not need to hand anything in for this week. 

This Week- curling, Chinese new year, and making natural artwork.

HOMEWORK 24.1.20 Due in on Wednesday 29th January. RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch - complete the big garden bird watch recording sheet which can be found on


HOMEWORK 17.1.20 Due in on Wednesday 22nd January.Questions – Can you write a list of questions that you would like to ask Dan the Fishman about fish and being a fisherman. Try to use different question words, i.e. who/where/what/why/how etc.

Our first two weeks of the term. Djembe drumming, learning about habitats, guinea pigs and measuring the length of a blue whale!

HOMEWORK 10.1.20 Due in on Wednesday 15th January.

Mathletics- Log into Mathletics and you will see a doubling unit to complete. If you have problems with computer access at home then the computer can be used at lunchtimes and before or after school with parents. 

HOMEWORK 20.12.19 Due in on Wednesday 8th January. Keep a diary of your holiday or write a letter to me about the exciting things you have been doing. We have been working really hard on our writing skills this term it’s important that the children keep practising their writing over the holidays- little and often!

HOMEWORK 6.12.19 Due in on 11th December. Design (& make if time) a Christmas decoration. 

HOMEWORK 29th November Due in on 4th December

HOMEWORK 15th November Due in on 20th November-

HOMEWORK 8th November Due in on 13th November-

Where the wild things are! Have a look at our forest school 'Wild Things!' and our freeze frames from the story!

HOMEWORK 1st November Due in on 6th November- My interesting object - see sheet.

HOMEWORK 18th October Due in on 30th October. Farm competition- wool clothing category- see sheet.

HOMEWORK 11th October Due in on 16th October.

Can you try to learn the order of the planets?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

A useful rhyme is - My Very Excellent Mum Just Stopped Us Nagging. 

Extra optional homework for a merit- Can you do some research to find out information about the planets?

Making dinner for Dr Xargle the alien in Forest School

HOMEWORK 27th September Due in on 2nd October.  

Year 1 – Practise counting in 5s to 50. (if you can do this then practise 2s as well)  

Year 2 – Practise counting in 3s to 30 (if you can do this then go further)

There is nothing to hand in but we will check how well they can do this on Wednesday.


HOMEWORK 20th September Due in on 25th September.  Worksheet Attached- What questions would you ask an astronaut?

HOMEWORK 13th September Due in on 18th September. 

Mathletics- Place value test - this should be available to do when you log on. Passwords are in the back of reading record books. 

Meeting our new Guinea Pigs Caramel and Luna!