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Miss Keevil Bray Class

Welcome to Bray Class!

Our day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.05pm

PE is every Wednesday morning - please wear full PE kit to school on Wednesday

Outdoor Learning is every Thursday morning



Phase 2 Phonemes and Actions

Phase 3 phonemes and actions: Phase 3 activities:

1.4.21: The children loved today’s Easter egg hunt. We also had a lovely time baking chocolate Easter nests. Happy Easter everybody!

25.3.21: During outdoor learning, we planted broad beans and sunflower seeds. We were also very excited to find frogs spawn in the pond!

w.b. 22nd March 2021: On Monday, we had lots of fun trying different types of bread. We then baked our own bread on Tuesday. The best part was eating it! We’re going to spend the rest of the week writing our own recipes.

W.b. 15th March 2021: we have really enjoyed learning about farm animals. We have recapped which animals live on a farm, what the baby farm animals are called, what farm animals eat and what their body parts are called. We loved our milking station!

W.b. 8th March 2021- it has been Science Week! We had lots of fun making our own cars and learning about ‘push’ and ‘pull’. We also enjoyed watching a live lesson all about chickens. We were very lucky to watch a chick hatch.

26.11.20: We acted out Emily Brown’s journey through the Whiny Witches Cavern. The children enjoyed twisting, creeping, crawling, turning and swinging.

23.11.20: After learning about nocturnal animals and how they find their food in the dark, we had lots of fun testing our sense of smell.

13.11.20: Children in Need

w.b. 9th November - Learning Summary

w.b. 2nd November: After learning about Bonfire Night, we made our own bonfire during outdoor learning. We then enjoyed sitting around it with hot chocolate and biscuits in the sunshine.

w.b 19th November: This week we had fun decorating and testing materials to see which material would be best for an umbrella

w.b 12th October 2020: This week the children have had lots of fun mud painting and ice painting. They also made a graffiti masterpiece!

w.b 5th October 2020: We’ve had fun exploring the number 5!

w.b 21st September: The children have been trying their best and working really hard this week. We have enjoyed our Phonics, Maths and English sessions.

w.b 14th September: This week we have had so much fun taking part in the ‘engage’ part of our project. We’ve explored water, making different water structures, bubbles and ice.

w.b 7th September 2020: we’ve had a fantastic first week in Bray Class. The children have had lots of fun exploring their new classroom and making lots of new friends.