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Miss Keevil Bray Class

31.10.19 - We had lots of fun for Halloween

6.10.19- this week we learned about the moon and its surface. We then made our own mud moons during outdoor learning. The children used lots of adjectives to describe their moon’s surface.

27.9.19- making the most of a very wet outdoor learning session. We counted our jumps in the puddles and the children decided to work as a team to explore different ways to collect the water. The children also used paintbrushes and water to practise writing the taught graphemes and phonemes.

20.9.19- bike week

13.9.19- This week we have enjoyed our listening walks and exploring our outdoor area during outdoor adventure time. The children loved making porridge for the three bears from Goldilocks and The Three Bears in our mud kitchen.

Welcome to Bray Class.

6.9.19- The children have had lots of fun exploring our classroom and learning school routines. They have settled in very well.