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Learning Summary WB 10th May 2021


Week four finished! Time is flying by now! This week's summary shows just how full and action-packed it's been!

In phonics and spelling lessons we identified 'ea' and 'ee' words. We also looked at the letters in the days of the week.


Olga, the main character in our English text, had a difficult decision to make this week and the class came up with ideas to help her. We wrote these down in a piece of persuasive writing. I'll let the children tell you about, 'Conscience Alley!'


In Maths, we continue to explore 'Numbers to 50.' This week was all about making number statements using - and + 

For example:   3+4=7    7-4=3    7-3=4    4+3=7

It would be good to practise this at home too! Look for patterns, make connections...

We used number lines to work out 'how many more than' questions. 


In Topic Lessons, we learnt about ways in which we can classify/group animals. Our key words were: fish. reptile, amphibian, mammal and bird.


Outside, we created animal footprints (on small and large scale) with natural found objects. We also planned and constructed shelters for Olga! 


In PE, the children completed the skipping challenge!


The new spellings this week are:


about, some, very, Friday and the extra ones are think, took, make, someone.


The homework sheet this week, asks for a little research time. It's a fun footprint activity!


The spelling test will be next Friday-27th and the homework is due then too.


And last, but by no means least, our certificate holders, Dexter for Maths, Eliza for Writing and Matilda- our star! Well done and well deserved!


The photos will follow...


See you all on Monday.


Miss Bailey






WB 10/5/21

Learning Summary WB 4th May 2021


A shorter week but it doesn't feel like it! We have been busy!

In Maths we have been counting in 5s from zero and then also from different starting points. We noticed that all the numbers in the 5x table end with 0 or 5.


During Literacy lessons, we read and listened to more about Olga da Polga! We drew out story boards to help us recount the main events in the plot. We wrote up the story so far- independently.


In our Topic lessons we learnt about similarities and differences between big cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards etc) and painted some of these on both a small and large scale!

We also thought about variation in human beings and spent some time comparing things like eye and hair colour, height and handspans! That was great fun!


We continue to practise our handwriting every day and as a result, it is getting better and clearer! This is brilliant!

We also now have more time in class to choose library books and share our favourites with our friends! Please do continue reading at home daily- as it really does make a difference.


We also spent some time this week thinking and sharing our ideas about classroom expectations. We are getting much better at listening and showing that we are ready to learn. I am sure that this will continue!


I will let the children tell you about the 'silent ball' activity we have also enjoyed this week!


Our 'Star Writer' is Amelia, for making a real effort to improve her handwriting and also to get her ideas on paper more quickly.

Our 'Maths Star' is Freddie, who impressed us with being able to count easily in 5s! 

Our 'Star of the Week' is Joshua. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving this week! He is always putting in his best efforts and shows that he cares about what he is doing in class.


A huge well done to all three of you! Also, well done to everyone for another fun, full and productive week! Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday!


The spellings given this week (for a test on Friday 14th May) are: where, today, was, friend. 

The extra spellings (for those who want the challenge) are: same, different, came, saw'


There is also a 'describe the animal' worksheet to complete for next Friday please!  

Thanks everyone!


Photos to follow...


Miss Bailey












WB 4/5/21

Learning Summary Week beginning 26/4/21


Well done Exe Class, this week has been another productive and busy one!


In Maths we have been working on our 2x table, counting forwards and backwards in 2s and answering questions about pairs of things.


In Literacy we found out a little more about Olga da Polga (the guinea pig) and also thought about how she is feeling. We talked about how the illustrations in a book can often give us clues about the characters and the story. 


We were busy hunting for butterflies during our outdoor sessions and we learnt about camouflage and what it means in the animal world.

We investigated animal prints and patterns and also painted our own.


We were lucky to have our turn with trying out a brand new instrument during our music time. The Tamboo Bamboo was alot of fun!


On Friday, Nellie our very special school dog, paid Exe class a visit and everyone had a chance to ask her owner questions. This experience linked to our animal topic and the children prepared their questions beforehand. All the adults were impressed with the thoughtful comments and questions.



I was very pleased to see that most of the class is reading regularly at home and hope that this will continue as the extra practise really does make all the difference!


Homework: The new spellings this week are: what, said, ate, when.

The extra words (for those who want the challenge) are butterfly, boy, girl, animal. The spelling sheet will be posted on Google Classroom.


Please also practise your 2x table.


I hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday!


Have a look at the photos below!


Miss Bailey

WB 26/4/21

Learning summary W/B 19/4/21


Hello everyone! What a busy first week back for Exe class! I hope everyone has had a good one- I certainly have! Thankyou to everyone who has made me feel very welcome at the school.

This week, in Maths, we have been comparing numbers up to 50 and using the < (less than) > (greater than) symbols.


In Literacy, we have started reading 'Olga da Polga,' a story by Michael Bond about a guinea-pig who has lots of adventures.

We have explored words to describe guinea-pigs and painted a picture of her in the style of Catherine Raynor (the illustrator).


During phonics time, the children reviewed some of the stage 4/5 phonemes they already know and we have been writing words and sentences using them.


Our new Topic: 'Paws, Claws and whiskers,' will involve us in finding out about different kinds of animals. This week we looked at similarities and differences between rodents.


In PE, Exe Class showed me how well they can play team games.


During our Outdoor Learning time, the class took me on a walk around the school to show me the pond area , the chickens, the guinea-pigs and much more! What a great place to learn!

We also had lots of fun trying to hide our paper people with camouflage colouring. We are starting a paper mache project too! Watch this space!


Phew! It's been action packed!!


More next week...


Miss Bailey





W/B 19/04/21

Virtual Nativity 2020 by Bray and Exe Class

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas fun! A visit from Santa, a virtual fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows, making and decorating Christmas decorations.

Opening their presents from Santa

Still image for this video

Finding, sorting and labelling materials that different objects are made of - we looked at wood, plastic, metal, paper, rock, glass and fabric.

learning summary week beginning 30th November

Working as a team to build a space terrain obstacle course. Children then directed each other around the obstacles using positional language.

Power maths - using part part whole models to find the missing ‘part’

Odd socks for anti bullying day

Children in Need

After seeing a video of a spaceship crash landing in the pond area we found lots of evidence left behind!

Learning about evergreen and deciduous trees in outdoor learning today.

Learning about conkers and horse chestnut trees in outdoor learning

Maths - we learnt what the < > and = signs mean and used sticks to make number sentences with a partner. E.g. “2 is less than 5”, “7 is greater than 4”, 3 is equal to 3”.

Mixing primary colour paints

Outdoor learning was very wet this week! We looked for signs of autumn, made dens and pretend fires.

Today we painted with ice cubes. We used primary colours to make patterns and see how the colours mix together to make different colours.


Still image for this video