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WB 19/7/21


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WB 12/7/21 Learning Summary

We've begun the countdown!

This week had a reading focus to it and the children were encouraged to talk about where they read, when and who with as well as what they like to read. We listed all the things we can read. Discussions happened in pairs, small groups and also as a whole class. In English, we thought about how stories can be retold, how this keeps cultures alive and brings communities together. We watched some animated examples of story re-telling!

In phonics we had some fun with rhyming words! Julia Donaldson books helped in this and the children were very good at making up their own rhymes.

In maths, we continued counting in groups of different sizes. And began grouping numbers in different ways eg. 12 is 3 groups of 4 or 2 groups of 6 or 4 groups of 3.


In our out door learning sessions we looked at the art of land artist Andy Goldsworthy and made our own inspired by his work! I'll let the children tell you  or about his work- they really loved it!


Our writer of the week was Fiona who stood out with some of her writing to retell a story.

Reggie won maths star for a great term and consistent effort.

Olivia our star of the week for shining in terms of confidence this week! Well done to all.


Do look at the photos below!


Last week this week, we'll have ti make it a good one!


Miss Bailey


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Still image for this video

WB 12/7/21

WB 5/7/21 

Another great week- we are nearing the end of term now but everyone is still working as hard as usual! 

In phonics this week we have continued reviewing the phase 5 phonemes and alternative spellings.

In guided reading sessions we read autobiographical sentence starters. We wrote about ourselves and shared our memories and experiences, likes and dislikes with each other. The 'Talking teapot' helped a lot in our whole class discussions this week! I'll let the children tell you about that! Listening skills are definitely really improving! 

In English we began thinking about other things we could share about ourselves and wrote these as part of our autobiography plan. It was especially interesting to hear the children's thoughts on what they will do when they grow up! Do look at the photos! 

The children also drew around each other to actually depict similarities as well as differences between them. This was a great activity for team work skills to emerge!


In maths this week, we doubled, halved ( a little bit) counted in groups of-, made and labelled arrays and actually, without really knowing it yet- are moving towards multiplication... x tables practise at home will always be invaluable from this age on!

x tables will be a big part of learning next year!


We spent some time painting our paper mache animals again this week. They are almost finished. 

In topic lessons we looked at the 'life boat and the lifeboat crew.' Fascinating and the children were all very interested and asked a lot of questions. 


Our class certificates this week were given to 

Eliza Canty for English: super autobiography sentences!

Maths Adela Tas: working independently.

And star of the week for Milles Trent-Boyd: a thoughtful and helpful member of the class who is making a big effort at school!

Congrats all three of you.


I don't know about anyone else but I have needed the break this weekend! I hope everyone is ready again for another week of school! We are not quite there yet!


Oh and just to end, the new spellings this week are:

going   doing   looking   seeing

and the extra ones are:

later    next    then    after


Miss Bailey





WB 5/7/21

A week to remember: Art Week!


The children have had lots of opportunities this week to look at and talk about artists and art works, explore colour mixing (with paint and other materials) and work in the style of an artist to produce their own paintings.

We seem to have quite a few budding artists in Exe class and some that have a real aptitude for the subject. It's been lovely to focus on some different areas of learning this week and see a different side to the children.


Our phonics and spelling work this week has encouraged pupils to develop their art vocabulary. We have explored primary and secondary colours and have practised making tones and shades.


In maths we are beginning to look at 'arrays' and think about ways of adding groups of objects. The children have been introduced to the words: row and column in terms of grouping.


Our art activities have centred around painting and there has been time to really think about and improve on the skills involved:

  • using black and white poster paint to mix tones of grey.
  • Creating a range of secondary colour tones using the primary colours (red, yellow and blue).
  • Looking at, sharing ideas about different artworks that depict 'places'.
  • Studying and copying the work of artists working at different times and in different places.
  • Planning an individual final piece of work (showing each child in a 'place' at school.
  • Working in the style of a contemporary artist.
  • Reflecting on own work (in the light of what we have explored this week!)


There have been some high expectations placed on the children this week and they have all risen to them! 

The photos will tell the full story of our week!


The new spellings given this week for a test on Friday 9th are:

gave    save    went    once    

and the extra ones are:   

blue    yellow    green    white


The homework sheet is simply a follow up from this week and asks the children to draw a favourite place (either from observation or from memory).


Star writer this week goes to Dexter who impressed me with his thoughtful contributions to our discussions about paintings and also his note-making.


Our class star is Oliver! What an expecially great week developing art skills! Very well done to you both!!


The photos will follow and the work will come home with the children at the end of the term.


I hope everyone has a good weekend!


See you on Monday.


Miss Bailey



WB 28 06 21

Well done everyone who completed the 'Race for Life' this afternoon! I saw medals all round!


Straight to our Learning Summary WB 21/6/21


The children have been really stretched this week with challenges and investigations that have required them to work things out, try different approaches and collaborate! They've coped well, learnt alot and definitely enjoyed it too!


In Phonics, we explored plurals: adding s or es to nouns    eg, cat-s    dog-s    patch-es    watch-es 


Guided reading: 'The Night Pirates.' by Peter Harris. What happened when the little girl pirates came to Tom's street?


In English, this led to thinking about characters and imagining a character of our own. We drew, discussed, planned and then shared these. Finally we wrote stories about them! The children are really starting to share ideas and listen to eachother in group settings; this is great. 

In Maths we looked at grouping objects. Equal and unequal groups. How many in each group? how many groups? The very beginnings of multiplication!


In our outdoor learning this week, we foraged for sticks and made rafts with string and elastic bands. Sails were cut from paper and then decorated. The boats will eventually be launched on the school pond as soon as we can! We've begun to use some nautical terms like 'port, starboard, deck' etc. in making them! 


Our scientific investigations into floating and sinking were a good opportunity for the children to work in the their table goups. I was genuinely impressed with their mature ability to take turns, help each other, as well as carry out some tricky tasks like pouring sugar into a toy boat! We recorded our results in a table. I'll let the children tell you about the plasticene challenge! And what a challenge!


We explored google Earth using the chrome books  and located South Molton among other places! 


The new spellings this week are:   more    sore    four    your   

and the extra ones are:     loves     moves    gives    thinks


and the extra ones: 


The homework sheet is the beginning of an autobiography (next week's English theme...) 


This weeks award winners: Maths to Mason for really focusing and achieving this week. Star writer to Adela- she is just that! and star goes to Jessica who has reminded us all how important it is to simply try to be kind this week.


It is our whole school 'Art Week' next week and as such, children will need to bring an old shirt or apron to put on over their uniforms. Thankyou! 


I can't wait to get going with this! I think it's going to be brilliant!


Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!




Photos to follow!