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Home Learning Heroes!

Email any home learning that you are really proud of to and we will display it here for everyone to see!

Mr Parkin will choose the best bits each week to go onto the school newsletter.

Home Learning Heroes! 

Joshua and Sophie have been very busy learning about transport. They were set the challenge of creating their own mode of transport. Sophie created a rainbow hovercraft that adapts to all terrains including space . Joshua called his the 'Nister' an all terrain, underwater, flying, landing ,very speedy vehicle with two rocket boosters! Amazing work! .

Harry has dissected a Passion flower and labelled all of its parts. Great work Harry!

Willow has made this beautiful scrap book using Miss Peddle's video- She has already filled in a page shown here with a mixed media collage. Great work Willow!

Jaymee Donna and Melissa have been completing art projects with a bit of help from big sister!

Maddie our head girl has written a great letter to everyone which will be on the newsletter. It looks like she's been doing some sewing as well! Great work Maddie!

Rily has made chocolate fairy cakes this week- they look delicious! Well done Rily!

Ellie and Ethan tried the orange fizz experiment- it looks like it was a bit sour! They enjoyed making their own miniature books and having lots of exercise in their paddling pool & riding their bikes. They are definitely keeping busy-well done!

Harry had a go at the science challenge, nothing grew around the paper clip but it did the straw! And he has been learning who’s a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore! Great work Harry!

Dylan has been learning about angles! Hes been going around the house finding right angles with his Pacman that he made, which was one of their suggested activities. Great maths Dylan!

Johnathan has a new puppy! We are very jealous! He's also been doing lots of home learning so well done!

Kaylah Rose sent in these photos, what a great message, hope you are feeling better.

Archie and his mum have been making this fantastic crystal garden- very impressive!

Rex and Darwin have been learning all about money and time- great work boys!

Harry k has been learning all about your ear in science and how sound travels through your ear. He made this great poster showing his work! Well done Harry!

Layla has been doing lots of work at home, she even baked some banana, cinnamon and chocolate chip muffins almost independently, which she was very proud of! Great work Layla!

Archie has been very busy at home! Great posters!

Lily and Amelia have been doing lots of exciting home learning - you have been very busy! Well done!

Jaymee Donna has been learning some more Spanish and Melissa has been reading- well done girls!

Issy has been busy doing some maths at home! Well done!

Jake has written all about his holiday to France- well done Jake!

Poppy has made these delicious cakes! Yum yum!

Harry and his mum have been having a go at pebble people/ dog! These look great!

Daniel and Lukas have been learning about the kiwi bird from New Zealand and they've made a poster about it. Well done boys!

Lily has put an egg in a cup of vinegar and observed what happened. Here she is comparing a fresh egg from our chickens to one that had been in vinegar for 48 hours. The one in vinegar had gone soft!! Jasmin has been trying to look after all the bugs in the garden so has been really excited to make her own wormery. The 1st resident moved in last night! Looks like you've been having fun girls!

Bethany has been doing lots of phonics practice and has drawn this amazing T-Rex!

Jaymee Donna has made this huge poster about her family and labelled it in Spanish! Melissa is recovering from a broken wrist and has been watching BBC Bitesize and drawing the water cycle- Hope you feel better soon!

Oliver's been very busy learning his 3D shapes and taking his train to the correct 'station'. He's been playing with water and seeing what floats and sinks. He's baked some biscuits using the teaspoon method and had fun acting out one of his favourite books. Can you guess which book?

Franklin has been doing lots of fantastic learning at home. He even got his Blue Peter badge after being inspired by Doodle Boy and sending in his own Doodle Board! Great work Franklin, well done!

Ethan has been just as busy as his sister! He enjoyed picking & trying his 1st lot of broad beans which he brought home from school from the farm wise trip & grew at home. Ethan researched Henry VIII doing some lovely writing & painting a portrait of him.. Ethan also had lots of fun building a marble run from recycled materials which worked really well.

Ellie has had another busy week! She enjoyed picking & eating her 1st lot of peas from the pea plants which she brought home form school & grew at home. She had fun with the growing a rainbow experiment which turned out very well.... Also making a marble run using recycled materials.

Jaymee Donna has completed an art project this week. It looks beautiful!

Harry has been making his own fantasy football league bar chart for matches! Looks good Harry!

Lily wanted to share this song that she has been practising with you! Beautiful singing Lily!

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Leo has made this great poster about Speedway. Keep working hard Leo!

Harry has been learning about Romans and had a go at Mrs Gardner's rainbow science project! This looks amazing!

Harvey would like to share his lava lamp, he was very careful that his didn't explode like Miss Shinn's! Well done Harvey!

Isabella Dawson has written about a moon jellyfish that she found on Westward Ho beach. Lovely writing Issy!

Willow wanted to share this lovely stencil and collage work that she has done. Well done Willow!

Jasmin and Lily have been writing stories based on new characters that they have created. Fantastic writing girls!

Piper has been enjoying some of the oak academy lessons this week. Especially today's art lesson - making a terrarium. This looks great!

Jess has completed some amazing art work linked to our emotions and the film Inside Out.

This week Joshua had a go at bubble art indoors as the weather changed . He has also been on lots of walks. Great pictures created -well done!

The Year 5s should have been on their camping trip this week so they've been camping at home- It looks like Poppy's had a great time!

Jaymee Donna and Melissa have been making a werewolf puppet theatre ! Great job!

Harry has been enjoying bubble painting at home- looks like fun!

Luke Graham has been working on the solar system this week. Great poster Luke!

Dylan has made an electrical circuit-great job!

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Oliver and Dylan have been practising their spellings. Dylan has been making circuits and Oliver has completed his first wordsearch!

Jaymee Donna has made a recycled princess!

This is Elliot's rocket- it worked brilliantly!

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Elliot has been making vinegar rockets, experimenting with his taste the rainbow science and he designed and made a bug hotel during half term. This looks like lots of fun!

Jake has been painting on a stone using acrylic paints.

Jasmin has made a video of her singing teacher's new song called 'I'm choosing me' great job Jasmin!

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Chrisanna has been making plant pots out of recycled materials.

Millie has had a bit of an accident! Poor Millie- let's hope the cast can come off soon!

Ellie and Ethan have been very busy again, lots of writing and baking going on! Mrs Gardner will be pleased with your bubble experiments!

Ben has been busy this week learning about mountains and completing the bubble challenge. Well done and keep working hard!

Daniel and Lukas have made a biodiversity poster and their herbs they planted at the start of lockdown have grown!

Johnathan has been busy again, enjoying the bubble challenge. practising his times tables and learning about the wildlife in his pond.

Joshua and Sophie have been learning about transport, designing their own vehicles and making paper aeroplanes. Great work!

Reggie has made this amazing fairy house with his family, it looks magical!

Amie has designed her own swim safe t-shirt-great job Amie!

Piper Louise has had another busy week at home!

Roxanne has been learning about mountains She's found each range on a world map and then the name and height of the highest point for each one. Great work!

Jaymee Donna and Melissa have been learning about, experimenting with and making rainbows!

Look at the giant cookie Harry made! He did all the weighing, measuring and mixing! Delicious!

Lottie has been busy again this week, the salt art is beautiful!

Lola has been learning her colours in french!

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Lola has been doing some beautiful artwork. I love the Fantastic Mr Fox book review!

Lukas and Daniel have been investigating bubbles this week!

Milo has drawn this amazing pencil drawing of Venom from Spiderman.... Look at those teeth!

Toby has been practising his racket skills- Miss Tuach will be very impressed!

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Jack and Toby have also been doing lots of cooking this week. The lasagne and banana muffins look yummy!

Ava-May has been working hard at home and doing lots of cooking!

Isaac has been painting a lovely bright rainbow on his window- everyone will be able to see that!

Year 6 were set a "Showstopper bake" challenge. How will Mrs Gardner choose a winner from these amazing entries?

Lucas and Santi have been for a walk in the woods- they found some unusual animals!

Alexander and Julia have been busy at home- it's just like being at the seaside!

Amber and her sister set up a school fete in their back garden! Mum and Dad visited all of their stalls and then they made pancakes! It looks like you had loads of fun and made some money too! Great job!

Jasmin and Lily saw a hedgehog when they were camping and have now been making pictures of them!

Jasmine Lee has been busy working on her zigzag letters and putting them into sentences

Tyler has been working really hard on his story this week and Mrs Gardner was so impressed she had to share it with you all! A fantastic piece of writing Tyler!

Taylor and Nate have been busy doing lots of cooking at home, some DIY and making planets! Looks like a lot of fun!

Jaymee Donna has written this great story-what beautiful handwriting!

Daniel and Lukas have been doing lots of home learning at their home shkooooool! Good job boys!

Amie B has completed one of the hour of code challenges! Fantastic work!

Harvey wanted to show you his new puppy Barney who is 9 weeks old! Harvey has been writing a diary of their adventures- your friends will be jealous!

Harry has been making his scrap book that Miss Peddle showed how to make and also having a go at Miss Shinn's book challenge! Harry could not pull the books apart!

Lily and Jasmin have been camping in their back garden as Lily was disappointed about missing her Pinkery Pond trip. The girls then wrote about their adventure - what a great idea!

Piper Louise had a special tea to celebrate VE day. She also made some lovely gifts for her teachers !

Ellie and Ethan have had another very busy week- lots of learning happening in this house!

Riley and Tyler have been learning all about VE day!

Dylan has finished writing his story- Boggle Woggle- what a great effort! Oliver and Dylan have also been doing lots of maths

Luke has been learning about VE day and made a pyramid and a sarcophagus as part of his Egyptian project. Great work!

James has been doing a project this week on VE day. He's found out lots of new things and decorated his house with Union Jack flags and spitfire aeroplanes he has made! Great job James!

Lily and Jasmin have been growing sunflowers! I wonder who will grow the tallest one?

Lucas and Santi have been busy riding their bikes and Lucas has been completing his Talk4writing Literacy work. Well done boys

Bethany has been making home made doughnuts! Yum yum!

Archie has been busy making his birthday thank you cards this week he had a go at finger printing and then turned them into dogs!

Toby and Jack have been working hard at home. Toby has been writing about Trolls and Jack has been reading Harry Potter books. Mum says that the boys have been showing great teamwork and resilience at home which is fantastic-keep it up boys!

Jack is very proud of the number of books he has read at home , every opportunity he is picking up a book. Here is a picture of everything he has read. Great effort!

This morning Grace and Maddie have been learning about WW2 and VE day. They have made a paper Spitfire and some parachutes using different materials. Well done girls!

There has been some fantastic work going on in Year 6 this week. Here is just a selection of their work on invertebrates, character development, zentangle hands and their draw with Rob efforts. This selection is from Callum, Keira, Freya and Tyler who are all working very hard. 

Lily has been learning about VE day she has been trying out recipes from a wartime cookbook. Today she made an eggless sponge which uses a cup of tea ! It looks yummy Lily!

Lily has made this great sketch book to put her artwork in!

Harry has been learning all about VE day and made this brilliant painting!

This week Noah has made a crocodile and Grampy posted some spellings to learn complete with pictures . Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was one of them! Noah had a go and only got 3 letters wrong ... better than mummy! Great work Noah!

Sophie and Joshua have been designing and making a new house for their guinea pigs Poppy and Bullet. The guinea pigs love their new home with yoghurt pot windows, a drawbridge, things hanging inside and balls for the guineas to play with ! Our guinea pigs at school will be very jealous!

Bethany has been doing some sewing and drawing using unicorns!

Paddy and Emily also made a funny video- Paddy's shrunk in the rain!

Still image for this video

Paddy and Emily thoroughly enjoyed the helicopters they made! The challenge was then set to find the highest point to drop it from in the house!

Still image for this video

Melissa and Jaymee Donna have changed! They now have keep safe rainbow hair!

Riley has been working hard on his astronomy badge for cubs, for one of the tasks he had to make a solar system.

Kyle Battig in Exe class wanted to give you a update about his pea plant and wanted you to see the peas that he has grown.

Elliot wanted to share that he has made Herby Bread which is a wartime recipe. Elliot also made a flag and enjoyed learning about the end of the European War. Elliot will continue to make things this week for his celebration on 8th May. I hope that we will all be joining him in our homes on Friday!

Look at how many books Lottie has read!

Harry has had a go at this week's science challenge- this looks like lots of fun!

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There is fierce competition for scientists of the week this week!

Look at all these amazing bridges that have been sent in! Remember if you haven't sent yours in yet, there is still time. If you have, check your class pages for this week's science challenge :) 

Callum collected toilet rolls to create his own model of the Eiffel tower!

Luke has made another amazing video telling us about his adventures on a desert island! And we get to watch some more great dancing!

Still image for this video

Noah made this great maze using straws- great idea!

Milo has been busy at home- the profiteroles look amazing!

 Mason has been super busy this week learning about space! He’s made his very own space rocket night light and picture of space. Well done Mason!

Daniel and Leo have been to Landacre and practised how to read a map! Daniel has been practising his handwriting at home. Keep up the hard work boys!

Eli has learnt to ride his bike -great job Eli!

Still image for this video

Eli and Blake have been very busy. Eli has been looking after his pea plant and Blake has been designing his own games. You have been busy!

Max and Freddie have been toasting marshmallows. Max talked to Freddie about fire safety and how to put a fire out, using what he learnt in forest school to talk to Freddie about it. They look yummy!

Daniel has been designing his own football team!

Harvey has been working really hard on his bridge for the science challenge! He even tested it by walking over it!

Johnathan has had another busy week - this boy never runs out of energy!

Ethan and Ellie have been very busy doing lots of exciting home learning activities- well done you two!

The Year 6 children have been looking at the poem "The Magic Box" this week and were challenged to design their own magic door and write a poem about what they might find through it. Mrs Gardner was particularly impressed with this work by Tyler and Seb, who spent a lot of time and effort designing their doors and then used them to inspire fantastic poems. Well done boys!

Logan has been working really really hard at home, completing lots of the work Mrs Gardner is setting, drawing with Rob and running his own science experiments. Keep up the great work Logan!

Keira has been working really hard at home. She has completed Mrs Gardner's science challenge, discovered her inner artist with Draw with Rob and been completing lots of maths and literacy tasks. Well done Keira!

Lottie has written this fantastic poem- what beautiful writing and great ideas! Well done!

Takumi has made this very yummy looking cake using his science, maths and reading skills!

Amie has been working hard on her maths booklet, learning about roman numerals.

Joshua and his sister have watched a caterpillar change into it's chrysalis and then emerge as this beautiful butterfly! He has released it today - isn't it lovely!

Jaymee Donna has been doing some science today looking at light -great work!

Olivia and Victoria have been working hard at home - keep it up girls!

Harry and Lily and Riley loved watching Miss Peddle's video and had lots of fun making their own dot artwork! Great job!

Adela and Selina have been busy again this week. Adela has been practising lots of tricky words and Selina is making great progress with her crochet!

Harry H has made this great PowerPoint all about his favourite things!

Noah has made his own TV with a remote! Today he is watching David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' on it!

Archie has written a book review for 'The Beast of Buckingham Palace'. It sounds like a great book!

Poppy has been using the youtube drawing tutorials to draw these amazing pictures- fantastic work!

Riley, Josh and Ella would like to show you the great home learning they have been doing- More wriggly worms!

Phoebe has used the new Oak Academy resources to learn about inference- Very impressive!

Mrs Gardner has been so impressed with all the work coming in from her science challenge last week. Here are some more brilliant boats that just have to be shared.

Lily and Jasmine Lockwood made their boats using wood and a curtain pole and even used all the tools themselves! Keira also did a beautiful design for her boat and filmed it floating in the bath. 

Joshua and Sophie have been measuring dinosaurs outside this week! Joshua and Sophie couldn't get over how big the diplodocus was . They measured 5 different dinosaurs. Joshua was particularly surprised how small some dinosaurs were, especially as they are depicted as being bigger in the Jurassic Park movie .

Mrs Gardner has selected Archie as our Scientist of the Week! Well done Archie- He managed to load 59 Lego people, 2 Lego dogs, 1 scarecrow, 7 Sheep dog, 5 Farmers, 7 Tractor drivers, 2 Labradors, 1 Motorbike and 2 Lego vehicles onto his boat and then the next day he made it even bigger. Also a big well done to Tyler and Riley H who managed to make a floating boat with a passenger! Great science work!

Santi has been having lots of fun and giggles on Monster Phonics!

Still image for this video

Lucas has learnt to do laces with this dummy shoe but then managed to do it in his own shoes!!! He has also been doing an optical art challenge and making scramble eggs! Santi has been playing shops, making bolognaise and learning phonics! You have been working hard boys!

Kaylah-Rose has been doing some beautiful writing at home!

Sonny Short has been busy doing a science experiment this week and Olivia short has been practising her phonics- great effort you two!

Dylan and Oliver have made a crystal rainbow using alum powder. They chose to do a rainbow because of it having significance to lockdown. Dylan then wrote about it and Oliver chose some keywords to write, he did a good job of sounding and trying to apply his phonics.

Elliot has been helping Dad at work making planters, chopping boards (which he has sold a couple of already) and helped in making his own tree house -I bet lots of your friends will be jealous of this Elliot!

Darwin and Rex have been having lots of fun at home and have been helping Dad with the Bees! I love your beekeeper suits!

Riley Huxtable has been very busy researching Europe and endangered species in Africa- Fantastic posters Riley I love the pictures!

Harvey was really proud of his lego house that he has been building all week!

Callum Triggs has been watching the literacy shed video Home Sweet Home and wrote a paragraph to describe one section of the video adding personification to really add personality to the houses. Mrs Gardener was really impressed with this!  


Curiously, the young house opened it's eyes to see a wasteland of debris lying on the landscape around him. Stretching it's aching limbs, it eased itself out into the open and sighed. He stared at the road and wondered 'Is this really the place that I would want to call home?' and, in search of a new lifestyle, abandoned his patch of land and began the hunt for a better, more scenic way of living. Crossing many bridges and fording many streams, he would stop at no cost to find his one desire- a place to finally call home. He had just got into the routine of site seeing when he heard a noise. Small sounds at the start, but those sounds grew louder, and louder, until his curiousness got the better of him and he turned around... but saw nothing? Just as he turned to continue, a creak disrupted proceedings and he spun round to see an older house standing a few metres away, disorientated by the severity of the wintery of the storm.'

Archie S had a day field walking with his Dad. Mum think he's an agronomist in the making as he can already identify lots of weeds! Great job Archie!

Clara and her sister have been really busy learning all about Zoos and vets along with practising maths with Superheroes! What great animals- well done girls!

Elliot has been writing about The Magic Faraway Tree which we have been reading in Mole Class- he has worked really hard on his handwriting- Super work Elliot!

Fern, Keira, Seb and Callum T have been completing some Science classification work to sort sweets/chocolate. Mrs Gardener thought they had made a great effort well done!

Harry Kelland has been trying one of the Dyson Science challenges using the ping pong balls! This looks like so much fun- great work!

Joshua and Sophie Cutter have been learning all about dinosaurs! Looking at Mary Anning the fossil hunter of the 1800s , researching dinosaurs individually on the internet plus making models out of Lego and Playdough , they will be using tape measures to measure dinosaur sizes outside with chalk . They also watched an episode of walking with dinosaurs documentary. What an exciting week you have had it looks like you are working really hard, good job!

Jasmin Lockwood has learnt what some of the organs in the body are called and what they do. She has been practicing her writing, correcting where mummy left out the full stops and capital letters, as well as number bonds to 20 and one more/one less.

Lily Lockwood has been working really hard and mastered the column method for multiplying a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number. As well as writing about what she does during a normal gymnastics lesson Lily also joins in with gymnastics with max on youtube on tuesdays and fridays.

Poppy has been doing some great writing using the Talk4writing Pandora's Box lessons. A great effort Poppy keep it up!

Harry Kelland has been learning about the United Kingdom- Beautifully neat work Harry-Great effort!

Johnathan has been really busy at home writing, drawing, making things and finding loads of wriggly worms!!!! Keep working hard Johnathan!

Noah and his Daddy have made this fantastic piece of artwork ! What an amazing effort well done!

Georgie has been practising her letters and numbers- Miss Keevil will be really impressed with this Georgie- well done!

Kyle has been looking after his pea plant that he took home from Exe Class- Look how much it's grown! Have you been talking to it every day Kyle?

Lily had a toy tortoise in one of her Easter eggs so she has made a habitat and researched facts about them. That looks good enough for a real tortoise Lily-Well done!

Max has been building a log shed in the garden - great measuring skills! He has also been pressing and labelling flowers with his sister-Well done Max!

Amie Brown has been very busy helping dad to fix the fence- he even trusted Amie to do all of the measuring! Well done Amie!

Adela has written about what she has been doing each day- great writing you are definitely ready for Year 1! Selina has written a book review about Matilda and written an amazing story about magic biscuits! Well done!

Luke Graham has made this amazing video about the Ancient Egyptians using a green screen- We love this Luke, especially your great dancing at the end!

Still image for this video

Joshua Taylor-Haynes used the White Rose Maths page to do some maths based on Supertato. Here is one of the activities (racing vegetables). They timed how long it took each vegetable to get to the finish line and worked out which were the fastest!

Harvey Jennings has been really busy making things and supporting the NHS-first he wanted to make a sign for the NHS for his neighbours and postman. Then on a walk he picked up some sticks and used the rest of the wood to make a work bench.

Isaac Ball has been using Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman to practise his maths- great results Isaac!

Millie Self has written about Easter Sunday- It sounds like you had a great time- Well done!

Phoebe and Roxanne Chadwick have been super busy researching turtles and plants and practising their maths. Keep up the hard work!

Bethany O'Connor has been working hard and writing some lovely stories at home. Well done! Tia and Bethany have been having fun in their paddling pool!

Ava-May Slee has been doing lots of reading, maths and writing- Fantastic job!

Geoffrey Dalton has been making biscuits, he's super proud of them and wants to share the pictures with school and his friends. They look delicious Geoff!

Oliver Fanthorpe made a picture using scrap bits of red card. It was originally going to be a rocket, but he changed it to a man. He said it looked like both so he called it a rocket man. Great work Oliver!

Dylan Fanthorpe did a draw with rob tutorial. Dylan doesnt think he can draw well, so he surprised himself with how well it turned out. He now believes in himself a bit more with his drawings. Well done Dylan- keep practising!

Maddie and Grace Kennealy have been on a nature walk and have written about the trees that they saw- Miss Ford was very impressed with the writing you have both done!

Fern Litherland in Landacre Class has written a spooky story about a wolf fighting with an eagle....great job Fern!

Luke Graham in Mole Class has written this great story about talking primroses going to the beach! Well done Luke!

This is a picture that Jessica Battig from Landacre class has created using pencil shavings and glitter, she is very proud of her work and wanted to share it with you! Well done Jess he's amazing!

Finlay Holland in Landacre Class wrote a Letter to the Prime Minister and received a reply! Great work Finn I bet this really cheered Boris up!

Harry Holland has been really busy - and what amazing handwriting! It looks like you're working hard to get your pen licence!