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Helping your child with mathematics

We all know to read with our children at home- but they also need to practise their maths! 

Maths fluency is as important as reading fluency, this take time, practise and revision.

There are lots of ways parents can help-

  • In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) children will start their Number challenge booklet- See link below. This contains the things they need to know fluently by the end of Year 3. 
  • Once they have completed this they can start their Times tables challenges (see below). Beyond this they can start the Maths Calculator award, Maths Genius award, Almost Einstein award and Ultimate Einstein award! (See Beyond times tables below)
  • Children want to achieve these awards and gain their next certificates- you can help them revise for this at home- we suggest two or three times a week for ten or fifteen minutes. You might want to display key facts around the house or practise on the way to school. 
  • All Children have access to Times Tables Rock Stars and their is a parent guide below. 
  • Parents can attend our maths parent's workshops explaining how we teach maths across the school and how our maths challenges work. You can also speak to your class teacher at any time to find out more information. 

Please look at the links below to find our about our challenges!