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Computing at SMCPS

Technology is the future and here, at South Molton Community Primary School, we aim to deliver a high-quality computing education. At South Molton Community Primary School, teaching computing allows us to equip our children with the life skills that will enable them to be ready in our rapidly changing world, which is increasingly being transformed by technology.


At South Molton Community Primary School, we aim for our children to be digitally literate and knowledgeable around what computing and technology has to offer. During their time at primary school, we want our pupils to have a variety of computing and technological experiences to develop creativity, independence, resilience and problem solving skills. We also aim for the children to understand their responsibilities as members of the digital world.


We want our pupils to be able to be successful in the future, where computing and technology will play a huge part in their lives. We want the children to understand how to be safe, to be confident and to enjoy themselves when using technology and our computing curriculum supports this in a variety of ways.


At South Molton Community Primary School, the computing curriculum is covered through a variety of technological areas including: Cornerstones Curriculum Maestro, Purple Mash and Mini Mash. During computing lessons, children will use a variety of devices including: class sets of Chromebooks, teacher iPads and Android tablets - in order to access a range of apps and pieces of software. This enables the pupils to access the computing curriculum. These computing lessons focus on the curriculum skills of information technology, digital literacy and computer science.