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13.07.17 Exmoor Zoo - We had a super day filled with seeing some unfamilar animals and enourmous minibeast. Finishing off with a run around the play area and for some, a little snooze on the way home! It was a pleasure to take such well behaved children. Well done Red Class.

04.07.17 This morning we were lucky enough to have a visit from the 'Big Bee'. It was an exciting lesson with the children sharing some of the facts they have learnt about bees. This afternoon at forest school as part of 'Ultimate Adventure Award' the children all had the opportunity to hold a sparkler, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

27.06.17 We have had a wonderful day learning all about the bees at Quince Honey Farm. It was a very enjoyable morning full of learning, with an afternoon full of fun! Thank you to Verity, Joe, Brad and Dan for all their help and enthusiasm . We would also like to thank the Wallace family for donating this experince to our children free of charge.

20.06.17 Multi -skills at South Molton Community College: A huge thank you to the pupils at this school who hosted the multi skills event for our children. Although it was hot walking there and back, it was well worth the effort and there was plenty of water on offer to keep us all hydrated. The children had a fantastic time trying out all the activities.

07/06/17 Science week - Up, up and away! The children enjoyed the fantastic opportunity they had to see a hawk flying close up. Mr Penfold's talk was very informative and the children asked some very good questions. On Tuesday they made some bird feeders for our playground. As you can see from the photographs, they are very focused!

25.05.17 The children have been using puppets to retell their own stories. As you can see by their faces they seemed to have enjoyed it!

10.05.2017 The children enjoyed collecting and trying to identify the leaves they found at forest school. We finished the lesson by writing an adjective to describe their leaf. These are some of the words they wrote, long, thin, nibbled, green and spiky!

05.05.2017. The children have enjoyed planting runner bean and sunflower seeds this week.

25.04.17 The children have enjoyed a fantastic day filled with lots of smiles and fun! We headed to Umberleigh by bus to catch the train to Barnstaple. We walked across the bridge to visit the museum and the children were fascinated by all the different rooms filled with items of interest. When walking back to the train we popped into Tesco, where we were given free lollies! The children were very polite and well behaved throughout the whole trip and we are extremely proud of the way they represented our school.

21.04.17 Our topic for the next few weeks is 'The Train Ride. The children made trains from the resources available. They counted the pieces they used and recorded that number before finding the number on 100 grid square.

30.03.17 Non electricity day. We have designed and made a bug hotel. The children were really engaged in the outdoor environment. They worked together to collect leaves, grass, sticks and twigs . We finished off by adding soil. plants and seeds. A good time was had by all!

22.03.17 We have been learning an Easter poem. During outdoor learning the children found clues about their poem inside plastic Easter eggs which they found very exciting. They used actions when reciting their poem to the adults in our class.

15.03.17 A parcel arrived for the children in Red Class. With great excitement they opened it to find a fox with a letter apologising for eating the gingerbread man. The children thought of an alternate ending to our story which included flying carpets, castles, and a bridge! On Friday we made gingerbread men and as you can see the children enjoyed it.

02.03.17 World Book Day. The children have had a very exciting day. They all arrived in fantastic costumes carrying their favourite book. We wrote a shared story and really enjoyed performing it to the Purple class, with every child playing a part.

01.03.17 We made pancakes at forest school. Some children made their own with mud and water, not quite as tasty!

09.02.17 Bike ability balance has been a great success with all the children having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

27.01.17 We visited the market to buy fruit and vegetables as part of our healthy eating topic. The children enjoyed buying, preparing and eating the food.

20/01/17 Harry and the dinosaurs broke their bucket. The children have found new ways to transport the dinosaurs during their art lesson.

20/01/17 Some of the children have visited Eastleigh. They enjoyed sharing painting activities with the residents.

Spring term. In maths we have been counting objects reliably and recording the total.

This week we have been practising our football skills.

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Our autumn term through pictures.


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I've put the links to a few free phonics websites where you can play fun phonics games at home. We are working on phase 3/4 phonics at the moment...enjoy!