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Year 3 have had a very exciting and busy past two weeks. We started off with a visit to the local museum followed by a sports event up at South Molton Community College. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to visit the local Community Woodland for a forest school activity.

Summer 2017 has commenced! We are using every opportunity to take our learning outdoors.

Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017

Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 1
Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 2
Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 3
Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 4
Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 5
Joe Wicks School Workout 28th March 2017 6

South Molton Archaeological dig. We were very lucky to get a visit from a representative from the local dig. The children learnt all about archaeology.

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother's Day Celebrations 1
Mother's Day Celebrations 2
Mother's Day Celebrations 3
Mother's Day Celebrations 4
Mother's Day Celebrations 5

World Book Day 2017

Pancake Races 2017

1st place - Finlay

2nd place - Demi

3rd place - Daniel

Finlay said in his report ''It was cold and I was feeling really nervous.  I tried my best and I won, it was the funniest thing ever! It was very hard, the wind kept trying to make our pancakes fly away.''

Picture 1 Pancake races 2017 Great flip Xabella!
Picture 2 Pancake races 2017 Super control Lucas!
Picture 1
Picture 2
We are just about coming to the end of our Rocks and Soils topic in Science.  We have been investigating how soil is formed and next week will make on own compost bins during our outdoor adventure.

Purple Class Presentations

Purple Class Presentations 1 Calum was so nervous at the beginning of the day.
Purple Class Presentations 2 He then presented to orange class.
Purple class have been busy presenting their projects to their peers.  All the children have shown confidence when presenting to others and have thoroughly enjoyed this home learning task.  The children had 2 weeks to create a presentation on a topic of their own choice.  We have had various topics including, the human body, space, Pokemon, light sabers and pets just to name a few!  Tyler said ''This was the best home learning ever!''

Brass Instruments

Brass Instruments 1
Brass Instruments 2
Brass Instruments 3

Spring 2017

Welcome back after Christmas and Happy New Year.  Purple Class are really looking forward to a busy and exciting spring term.

Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 1 Science Investigation
Autumn 2016 2 Exploring the pond area
Autumn 2016 3 Sorting animals
Autumn 2016 4 Becoming dementia friendly
Autumn 2016 5 The bones of the body
Autumn 2016 6 Natural art
Autumn 2016 7 Checking our heart rate
Autumn 2016 8 Visit to Farm Wise
Autumn 2016 9 First game of the season
Autumn 2016 10 Holi cooking
Autumn 2016 11 Using concrete resources
Autumn 2016 12 Firework recycling art
Autumn 2016 13 Exploring light
Autumn 2016 14 Exploring light
Autumn 2016 15 Exploring light
Autumn 2016 16 Multiplicity outdoors
Autumn 2016 17 Celebrating St Andrew's Day

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