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Pupil Premium

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What is Pupil Premium Funding?

This is an additional source of funding from the DfE aimed at those pupils designated as:-

  • Children in Care
  • Free school meals
  • Service families

The amount for 2016//2017 amounts to £30,950 in total for this academic year.

The specific aims of the pupil premium are to:-

  • Increase pupil social mobility
  • Reduce the attainment gap
  • Enable more pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to get to top universities



The impact of this additional funding can be measured by both:-

  • Quantifiable means, through attainment scores and tracking
  • Qualitative means, via teacher/ staff and parental reports. Home life, attitude and participation will be noted

    Allocation of pupil premium for April 15 – Mar 2016



Use of funding to March 2015 (projected costs)


Dedicated Higher Level Teaching Assistant Intervention time for Pupil Premium children


QT intervention time for Early Years Foundation Stage Pupil Premium children (two terms)




Release time for subject leaders for dedicated assessment time and intensive support.




Support with additional school items (school trips, Dogs Trust, library etc).


Total expenditure



Statement of Impact of 2015/16 Expenditure


Pupil Premium funding provides;


  • for a dedicated HLTA to support their learning
  • visits to the Dogs Trust at Ilfracombe and Eastleigh residential homes in addition to other events to enhance life experiences
  • a mentor to support emotional and social well-being
  • reading support with the Dogs Trust
  • after school cooking club attendance for identified children


In summary, the attainment gap between pupil premium children and non-pupil premium children has narrowed and is closing further. The percentage of children working at age related expectations across the school has now risen significantly.


Impact Summary for 15/16

Data analysis shows that Y2 SATs results for Pupil Premium children have increased:-

  • Reading 2B+  64.3% in 2013 increase to 94.1% 2015
  • Writing 2B+   50% in 2013 increase to 82.49%  2015
  • Maths 2B+     78.6%  in 2013 increase to 88.2% 2015
  • Year 1 Phonics  40% in 2013 increase to 80% 2015 


In terms of qualitative progression, it is particularly pleasing to all the staff to see how confidence, resilience and team working skills have developed over the last year, particularly in terms of Pupil Premium children. Confidence in their sporting achievements has also been particularly evident this year.