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Mrs Carter Dunkery Class

16th July 2018 End of year fun! Dunkery Class really enjoyed our water pistol fun. They are all very good at getting their intended target, mainly the adults.

10th July 2018. Thank you to the team at Quince Honey Farm for making our visit so informative and fun! All the children enjoyed having a taste of the honey and they learnt so much about the bees. Thanks also to the Wallace family for donating this experience free of charge.

22nd June 2018. Exmoor Search and Rescue came into our class to show the children some aspects of their very important role when helping people who get into dangerous situations on Exmoor. Chris and Lionel interacted with the children, and as you can see they were more than willing to take part.

15th June 2018. The children have been using their computer skills to draw and write about the animals in our Dear Zoo book by Rod Campbell. They all seem very pleased with their work!

8th June 2018. The children have been practising their running and tennis skills this week.

17th May 2018. Our train ride! What a fantastic day we had, travelling on the bus and train. Our visit to the pop-up-museum was very informative and the visit to Tesco's saw us all eating ice lollies! The children were very well behaved and a real credit to our school.

11th May 2018. Show and Tell with a difference! Thank you Harley for bringing in your puppies for us to share. We loved it!

1st May 2018. Our new topic about Exmoor seems to be successful. In literacy we have been reading 'The Train Ride' by June Crebbin and here is just a small selection of photographs showing our learning. As you can see, they seem to be enjoying it!

Summer Term - 19th April 2018. Welcome back. The weather has been glorious so we have had even more opportunities to take our learning outside. Here are just a few photographs of their learning.

29th March 2018. Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy looking at the end of term celebrations, Easter and Viking day. The children have made up and acted out some fantastic adventures while being Vikings.

22nd March. The children enjoyed our visit to the church and asked some really interesting questions about the Christain celebration of Easter. Stuart ( the vicar) was very informative and was able to answer all their questions. He also commented on how well behaved our children were throughout the visit. Well done children!

16th March. We took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and began preparing the soil ready for planting next term. After all that digging we went on a very wet and slippery walk which challenged the children's balancing skills!

9th March 2018. Happy Mother's Day.

27th February 2018. The children have been making finger puppets to retell our story. We thought you would like to see their fantastic writing.

21st February 2018. Bike Ability. The children really enjoyed showing off their balancing skills!

7th February 2018. Thank you to Mrs Wilson and Miss Tuach for teaching our children a dance routine to the Scottish music 'Dashing White Sergeant' followed by a sword dance. The children throughly enjoyed it!

29th January 2018. Yoga - What a wonderful way to start our day! Although I found it difficult to capture the moves on camera the enjoyment on their faces is evident.

23rd January 2018. During outdoor learning Dunkery class had a go at writing their names using the Viking alphabet.

17th January 2018. The children have been busy making thier Viking longboats. They all worked very enthusiastically and shared the resources well. It was a joy to hear the excitement in their voices as they shared thier ideas.

Happy New Year! Our topic for this term is Vikings and these photographs show the children are really enjoying it already. The role play area seems to be a success.

15th December 2015 Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you enjoyed our Nativity Sing Along!

14.12.2017 During outdoor learning we put the finishing touches to our bug hotel kindly made by Mr Lockwood. We were luck enough to see the ducks in the pond area although they kept swimming away from us!

30th November. During outdoor learning the children built some escape routes for our gingerbread man. They discussed their ideas and worked together to build bridges, boats and even a catapult! After they had finished working together with their friends they acted out their version using face masks.

20th November. Holdstone Class, year 3 children came into our class with Mr Kinch to support our children's learning. They used different coloured multi link cubes to add two groups of objects together before recording the number sentence. Dunkery class really enjoyed being taught by our 'young teachers'.

14th November 2017. Thank you to everyone who came along to our light and dark evening. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

3rd November 2017. The children have enjoyed using their senses when making a fruit salad as part of our topic 'What makes us human'. They touched, smelt, looked at and chopped the fruit before tasting it. The children were very engaged, even when they had to wash their hands several time that morning!

16th October 2017. We have been looking at 2D shapes and describing their properties. The children have enjoyed finding shapes in the school environment.

9th October 2017. The children have enjoyed our topic, 'What makes us human?' They have been making skeletons from playdough and drawing around each others bodies before using natural resources to add the bones.

2nd October 2017 As part of out literacy lesson we followed a recipe to make our birthday cakes. The children were excited to use the eggs collect from our school hens and enjoyed weighing out the ingredients. I think the children all enjoying eating the cakes at the end of the day.

What makes us human? The children enjoyed taking their finger prints, even if it was a little messy!

Welcome to our class. Here is a selection of learning in the first two weeks. As you can see, we are having fun!

Welcome to Dunkery Class!



We hope you enjoy looking at our learning.

I've put the links to a few free phonics websites where you can play fun phonics games at home. We are working on phase 2/3 phonics at the moment...enjoy!