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Key Information:

Outdoor Learning is every Monday - Please bring old clothes, a coat and wellies.

PE is every Tuesday and Thursday - Please bring a full PE kit with trainers/plimsolls.

Home Learning - Folders go home on a Friday night, please return by the following Thursday morning.

Thank you.


Holdstone Class Viking Day

Holdstone Class Viking Day 1

Drama - 29/03/2018

IT'S VIKING DAY! We added a little drama to this special day. The city of York has just been invaded by the Vikings (learners). They have all the goods they wanted to steal and head back to their Viking Longboat... but it's gone! In groups, they had to decided what happened next. The plays were short but detailed with hilarious slaves being captured, holes being fallen down, a tree falling on a Viking and even a drowning (no learners were harmed in the making of this lesson)! 

Viking Drama

Art - 28/03/2018

"You can't be a Viking without a weapon!", we cried from every corner of the classroom! Therefore, we decided to create our own axes preparing for Viking Day.   

Maths - 22/03/2018

We investigated fractions for today's maths lesson. In particular we looked into 1/2 and 1/4's of shapes by folding paper. Using shapes of their choice, the learners worked in small groups to identify what they could half and quarter. We all came together at the end of the lesson to share each groups findings, mistakes, patterns and what they now know. The learners was BRILLIANT

PE - 12/03/2018 

KS1 were invited to the secondary school to take part in a multi-skill afternoon consisting of individual and team activities. The afternoon was a great success, although, it was rather nippy!

PE - 06/03/2018

In PE today we learned about the importance of sleep and relaxation. After finding out how we all relaxed, we headed to the hall and took part in some whole class yoga... Harry Potter style! Following a Harry Potter story, we used actions through yoga, to help tell the story! 

Harry Potter Yoga

Archery - 27/02/2018

The year 3's from Holdstone Class had the opportunity to take part in an Archery session in the hall. They not only tried the activity but learnt all about the different types of bows and arrows.   


Literacy - 22/02/18

For today's literacy lesson, the learners of Holdstone Class worked on giving information verbally. In small groups, two class members had to described a picture to another member of their group without them seeing the image. Using detailed description and clues to what the image was, but not allowed to state what it is, the class developed the understanding of how to give the correct and detailed information.  

Drawing Given Information

Topic - 31/01/2018

After designing our shields the week before, the learners of Holdstone class were raring to go and bring their shields to life by painting them.

Maths - 30/01/2018

The learners of Holdstone class were asked to investigate different ways numbers can be divided into equal groups. Using money, the year 3's noticed they could divide their total not only by the number of coins but by the value of the coins. Year 2's investigated how they could split multi link and colouring pencils equally. They came up with many ways to divide even numbers equally.

Equal Groups Investigation

Topic - 5/01/18

New year brings a new topic. For this term we'll be learning about the Vikings! To start off, Mr Kinch set Holdstone class a challenge. Could we make our own class Viking family without looking at any Viking pictures? Split into four groups (Viking Mum, Dad, boy and girl), we set about designing our family member. The results were very creative and spectacular!

Literacy - 4/12/17  

As part of the class invent step in our literacy sequence, Holdstone class made fruit kebabs. Bananas, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, apples and pineapples were on the menu as the learners made their kebabs. Obviously the best bit was the eating at the end! 

Outdoor Learning - 30/11/17

Our long-awaited conkers game lesson took place today. To say we were excited is a MASSIVE understatement. We first watched a video on the rules of conkers and how we play. We adapted the rules to make it safe for ourselves and considered what rules we could invent to make our games more fun. After we prepared our conkers and gave Mr Kinch the smallest conker ever seen (which didn't last very long!), we chose a partner to battle and headed outside. There were a lot of 'snags' and laughter from all four corners of the playground! Look at our pictures of the lesson.  

Outdoor Learning - 30/11/17

We glided into the fresh, crisp South Molton air this afternoon trying to match leaves to the trees they fell from. Following a leaf picture chart, the learners identified features of the leaves they found on the playground, recycling area and finally the pond area and attempted to find the tree they fell from. 

Leaf Detectives

No Electricity Day! - 24/11/17

What, no electricity, how will we cope... very well actually! Today was fantastic and made us extra vigilant about how and when we use electricity. Holdstone class had a very creative day. Firstly, our maths lesson took us outside. Armed with chalk, we practiced placing numbers on number lines, making sure we can explain why.

After break, we decorated our lanterns for the parade (December 1st). Using paint and being extra careful that we didn't pierce the wafer thin paper, the learners had a wide choice of colours and could decorate their lanterns as they pleased.    

No Electricity = Creativity!

Our Beautiful Lanterns!

Ultimate Adventure Award - 10/11/17

With the year 2's at the cinema, the year 3's ticked a box on their Ultimate Adventure Award by 'helping younger children.' We worked alongside Dunkery Class (reception) during their maths lesson. After Mrs Carter's teaching input, it was over to the children of Holdstone class to help make sure they achieved the lesson objective. It was lovely to see two different age groups working together! 

Helping in Dunkery Class

Literacy - 8/11/17

Our new text for this half term, Outdoor Wonderland: The Kids Guide to Being Outside, is a non-fiction instruction text. We are still learning how instructions work and in today's literacy lesson, we attempted to make an origami elephant following instructions (not from our class text). There was plenty of discussion surrounding the instructions, whether they were easy to follow and what helped us understand what to do. Eventually, the whole class were able to complete and make an origami elephant. 

Origami at its best!

Outdoor Learning - 6/11/17

'Ring Ring, Ring Ring!'. Holdstone class recieved a phone call before their outdoor learning lesson to say a hurricane was going to hit the forest school area. We were asked if we could help save the field pixies that live on the forest school site, by building them shelter made of natural resources on the ground. They had 45 minutes before the wind (balloon pumps) struck! 

Holdstone to the rescue!

Science - 3/11/17

Holdstone class started to look at what exercise is and what affect it has on our bodies. Each group chose five exercises to participate outside for a minute each. After each exercise, they wrote down what they noticed about their and each others body. They discovered that they're faces change colour, we produce sweat, muscles ache, our breathing changes and our heart beats faster.  

"My muscles hurt!"

Art - 1/11/17

On a beautiful autumnal day, Holdstone class ventured into the pond area to find what they believed to be an interesting leaf to draw. Using magnifying glasses, we looked at the detail on our leaf and experimented shading using art pencils by smudging. 

Drawing in detail

Topic - 1/11/17

With the joys of Bonfire Night around the corner, Holdstone class had a carousel of activities to participate in, related to the topic. These included designing/colouring a firework, flick painting (using paint and old tooth brushes to flick paint to create an exploded firework image) and using our senses to described what they can see and expect to hear, smell and taste whilst watching a muted fireworks display video.  

Fireworks Carousel

Outdoor Learning - 30/10/17 

Finally, the weather was on out side and we managed to toast our lovely, sweet tasting marshmallows. We were focusing on our final sense, taste, as part of our topic.

Outdoor Learning - Marshmallow toasting (taste)

Topic - 20/10/17

Thank you very much to those who were able to attend our skeleton exhibition today. It was amazing to see so many people come and enjoy the hard-work Holdstone class have put into their projects and supporting the learning in our school. If you were unable to come, please enjoy the pictures below of the event.

Holdstone's Skeleton Exhibition

Maths - 19/10/17

Today in Maths, we discussed about resilience and our 'growth mindset' (changing the way we think to achieve more). This lead us to today's challenge. We had to draw a triangle with each side containing three circles. Each circle had to be filled with a number 1 - 6, BUT, each side of the triangle had to add up to a specific total either 9, 10, 11 or 12.

Maths challenge and testing our resilience

Literacy - 13/10/17

We added a little drama to our literacy lesson today! Using our bodies, we had to express emotions without making any noises. The emotions we had to show were grumpy, sad, elation, shock, scared and love. In groups, we then put together short performances of a letter that's in our class text 'The Day the Crayons Quit.' We performed it with a happy narrative before changing it to angry. 

Literacy - showing emotions through our actions

Topic - 22/09/17 

Holdstone class had the opportunity to extract DNA from peas! As part of our topic and wearing our best scientific clothing, we worked together to find DNA in the vegetable.